ximena rubio


10.- Ximena Rubio & Gabriela de la Garza

I am so proud of googling ALMECHE and actually finding pics of them.. yeap I came up with that shit.. yeap I was called sick and a pervert by the writers and some fans.. THO many fans realized they shipped them too… well thing is they played sisters as well.. but it was a waste of chemistry.. they were perfect together and I still remember the last livestream they did when Las Aparicio wrapped.. Ximena was pretty drunk and kept calling Gaby her sister but kept kissing her for like fucking 10 minutes.. JUST ADORABLE.

Best Quote (Nat) : Almeche para todos los cochinos con su incesto! (Almeche for all of you pigs with ur incest)

Can she be more obvious? still, thanks for the greetings!