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😺 + Zim. He need more cats!

Even more cats. Well, here we go!

He already named it. Just like the other three that don’t really belong to him, Angel, Spotty and Starlight. Xim named them based on their looks.

Cute kitty Nyght has a new home now :D


An entry written in the Inquisitor’s journal, found several years later:


Step 1: Memorize lines from Swords and Shields

Step 2: Ambush Cassandra Allegra Portia Callogera Filomena Pentaghast

Step 3: Dramatically whisper memorized lines on her ear

Step 3.5: Try not to laugh.

Step 4: She’ll probably glare. Keep on going until she laughs.

Optional (probably going to do it anyway)

  • crack a very dirty joke or a cheesy joke
  • get punched
  • endure pain because you made her smile

“Disgusted Noise” Tally: 4

Awesome boyfriend points: (appears to have a different handwriting) : 110/100

Evidence that Armand Trevelyan is a big doofus

How to make Cassandra laugh 101 by Armand Trevelyan