The prince crossed his legs, having heard the plights of five different villagers. He was very tired— listening and deciding took a lot out of this pampered boy. He wasn’t expecting anyone else— until this boy came in. Sighing, he waved his hand.

“What do you want??” Alexiel was in a very good mood today, despite how cold and distant he sounded. Out of the five villagers, only three went to the guillotine— normally, all five would have.

|| Closed AU with xikuohatsune || Len Has Lost It

Len had been feeling odd lately. Did all ghosts feel this way…? Running a hand through the cool pond water in the back of the mansion, he stared at the windows… Glass. Windows. Falls. His blueish eyes seemed deadened now.

Floating through the window, he attempted to pull up a knife– and failing. Maybe… Ehe.

Seeing Len round the corner of the staircase, he floated up. Pushing him, he watched the brown eyed teen scream and fall from the window to the ground– since it was a short fall, the boy just had a few cuts. The blue eyed ghost stayed invisible, floating up.


The Vocaloid spun on his heels to come face to… faces? Interesting! Three people, it seemed. One had a familiar face, while the other two he did not know of at all. Either way, Roro had to introduce himself to them all.

With a grin, the musical android stuck out a hand for them to shake. “Hey! Name’s VY2 Yuuma, but some people call me Roro. Either way, it’s nice to meet you all!” He laughed cheerfully accompanied with a wink.

xikuohatsune has entered the Royal Palace

A purple-haired man was standing in front of Riliane. An questioning eyebrow was raised as her mouth was hidden before her fan. A strange man, could he possible hail from Asmodean? The features on his face counter the possibility, for he looked foreign. “ Do tell why you are here. ”

|| Closed RP with xikuohatsune || Brioche Messes

Alexiel had Rillia taking a day off, so his nanny was the one in today. Since it was snacktime, Xikuo had brought him his brioche. The demon’s brioche tasted slightly sweeter than Rillia’s– but he would like Rillia’s just a tad better.

That didn’t stop the young prince from devouring the brioche differently than normal. Some ended up on his cheek, but he didn’t notice. Finishing up, Alexiel smiled and sighed happily, sipping his tea.

“That was delicious, Xikuo." 

xikuohatsune started following you

Len was sitting in a McDonald’s. Even if it was truly “tourist food,” the blonde Vocaloid enjoyed the french fries and chicken sandwiches. Tossing out his sandwich wrapper, he picked up his soda and held his fries in one hand. Starting to walk out, he walked right into the other.

“Oof!! Sorry!!” Luckily, he didn’t drop anything.