I’m pretty sure I’m getting a couple of games for Christmas this year, which means, OKAY, TIME TO START PLAYING SOME OF THE ONES I ALREADY HAVE, and I chose Final Fantasy XIII-2 because I’ve had it since it originally came out and am only now getting on it.  Good job, self.

Anyway, I like it so far!  I’m still only in the second section of the game, but the mechanics are familiar enough from the first game, but with some fun tweaks that I like it already.  I really enjoy Serah as a main character and Noel is growing on me!  My only complaint so far:  the guidebook says to not leave this area without capturing a Pulsework Knight and I HAVE FOUGHT SO MANY OF THEM but not a single capture yet.  ;__;

STRESSED OUT; the most played songs in siwan’s playlist [listen]

i. étude no.3, un sospiro; franz lizst ii. siciliene; gabriel fauré iii. teddy bear rises; oohyo iv. how do you think; cheeze v. falling for somebody new; kuma vi. la campanella; franz lizst vii. even if it’s you; reddy viii. rollercoaster (piano ver.); saero ix. comforting sounds; mew x. entourage; samuel seo xi. masitnonsoul; hyukoh xii. lately i; saero xiii. did you even love me at all; loki & yenprince

A hilarious thought...

Just how fucked up the gods and the world would be if Ravus became Oracle instead /lol (like he legit has magic powers in Versus XIII. Ravus is the hooded man confirmed after all)

Luna: Brother, you have a duty to ease the blight and wake up the hexatheon :/

Ravus: Over My Dead Body >:/

World would be fucked up and Niflheim won’t even have to try lol

Mia's Keychain and Keyblades HEADCANNON

Ooc: Headcannon time!

Her main Keyblade is Terra-Xehanort/Master Xehanort’s Keyblade.

Her primary ones are Oblivion, Oathkeeper, Bonds of Flame and many others.

She has a total of fourteen Keychains based of Organization XIII and a few others she made herself. Listed now.

I- Superior’s Nothingness: A all black Keychain with a Nobody symbol on it. Given from Xemnas on her first day. Power: Summon all Nobodies at her will.

II- Sharpshooter’s Loyalty: A silver/purple Keychain with a small sharpshooter on it. Xigbar gave it to Mia as Braig and then gave her a better one after remembering who she was on her fifth day. Power: Drive to start shooting like a sharpshooter once clipped on.

III- Whirlwind Friends: A blue Keychain with a lance at the end. Xaldin gave it to her after seeing her creativity with scissors and playing with his dragon MoonDance. Power: Summons a furry of winds to ride to hide places once clipped on.

IV- Frozen Pride: A Icicle LIKE Keychain with a Ice at the end. Vexen gave this to Mia on her first day, talking and creating compounds together in the lab he stumbled across the Keychain and realized it would be perfect for her. Power: Icicle like bullets. Can be chained with Sharpshooter Loyalty.

V- Silent Heroes: Keychain with a small heart on it, red and brown of the Earth’s crusts. Lexaeus gave it to Mia after her success on her first mission, memory of Aleaus is kept. Power: Earth crusts can rise along with earthquakes to shock the enemy. Combine with Frozen Pride with giant ice pikes appearing.

VI- Schemer Pals: Keychain with a Lexicon but instead of the symbol, it holds a heart of friendship on it, colors are black, grey and purple. Zexion gave it to Mia in trouble at Beast’s Castle together, knowing it was the mischievous Misako he knew as Ienzo. Power: Creation of illusions at hands clipped on.

Special Chain, IV, V, IV: Combine Frozen Pride, Silent Heroes and Schemer Pals together to unleash a basement furry. Real name: Basement Trio.

VII- Moon Shine: Not the alcoholic drink, a white Keychain with a crescent shape of the moon. Saïx gave it to Mia after seeing the stars and the moon with her. Power: N/A

VIII- Flaming Furry: Red fire like color Keychain with a flame at the end. Axel gave this to Mia knowing her love of flames. Power: N/A combine with Frozen Pride for a ultimate attack.

IX- Water Bombs: Water color keychain with a wave at the end. Demyx gave it to Mia after their mission in Atlantica, seeing her amazing swims. Power: Control water, forming it into shapes at her will, clone making and furious tide.

X- Cards Against All: Black and White of cards Keychain with a gambler card at the end. Luxord hesitated to give it to someone so young but Mia insisted. Power: Winning all the time once equipped but dangerous to control the Keyblade.

XI- Floral Wreathes: Green Keychain with a pink poinsettia at the end. Marluxia gave it to Mia after a ‘scavenger hunt’ for Vexen. Creepy ass pervert. Power: Vines will appear to wrap the enemy right up to attack easier once equipped.

XII- Lightning McQueen: Yellow keychain with a lightning at the end. Larxene threw it at Mia after a failed mission with the teen, causing hatred and rivalry to build up. Power: Summon of lightning needed but Mia chose to keep it in her room at the temple.

XIII- Keyblade Wielders: A golden Keychain with a X at the end with two smaller versions of the Keyblade forming it: Oathkeeper and Oblivion. Roxas and Xion gave her the Keychain together as friends, welcoming her into their club. Power: Summon of a new Keyblade Mia never wield.

XV- Mia’s Power: Specially made by Mia a mixture of fire and ice at the end of it with a staff surrounded by the mixture. Whis helped Mia make it, putting his power into it. Power: Use if in danger, if not will kill everything in sight.

More will be added later. The original one won’t be mention.

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Relationship status: single

Favourite colour: green, black, blue, red

Pets: 4 cats

Last song I listened to: “A Wish” Serah’s song from Final Fantasy XIII

Favourite TV show: Many, uhm, Orange is the New Black is one and SVU another

First fandom: CardCaptor Sakura and Rurouni Kenshin

Hobbies: creative writing, gaming, reading, daydreaming, anime, photography, fanfiction writing, headcanoning and just vivid imagination in general. 

Books I’m currently reading: “ The Virgin Suicides” Jeffrey Eugenides and “The Housekeeper and the Professor”

Favourite book: “The New Life” Orhan Pamuk, “Alias Grace” Margaret Atwood, “The Metamorphosis” Franz Kafka, “Black beauty” Anna Sewell, “Book of Embraces” Eduardo Galeano, “Strange Pilgrims” Gabriel Garcia Marquez, “Beloved” Toni Morrison, “Wide Sargasso Sea” Jean Rhys, “What Maisie Knew” Henry James, “The Search” Shaheen Akhter, “Oranges are not the only  fruit” Jeanette Winterson and “The Sweet Smell of Psychosis” by Will Self. Unfortunately, I don’t read aas much as I should and I have a long to be read list. I also have a bad habit of reading half or portions of books. 

Worst thing I’ve ever tasted/eaten: don’t remember much but overly stale food. 

Favourite place: I guess my room at times :D or any place with a great view and nice sun and I can see the progress of the day :D Like my old dorm room

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