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What kind of snapchats would the organization members have? What would their stories consist of?

Oooh I don’t have Snapchat nor have I used it so this’ll be interesting to look into! And I’ve received your other messages Anon; honestly don’t worry about it! I’m not upset at all, quite the opposite actually I’m pretty amused. I think I’m a lot of people’s secret shame blog XD it doesn’t bother me at all

Xemnas: It would be a surprise for him to even have one in the first place. He’d be the type to just take pictures of Kingdom Hearts, stick a filter on and put inspirational quotes on them.

Xigbar: He’d use it to secretly spy on the other members, sharing their private moments to the world. His most popular story is Vexen singing in the shower. Needless to say, he can’t sing opera.

Xaldin: He’d have no clue what he was doing. No clue. Like his stories wouldn’t even make any sense, they’d just be unflattering close up photos of himself trying to figure out how to work the damned thing.

Vexen: SCIENCE. Probably records himself watching episodes of Bill Nye the Science guy. Occasionally he’d post pictures of some of his latest experiments, but no one would really care.

Lexaeus: Surprisingly, he’d mainly use it to take lovely scenic photos with inspirational captions. He wouldn’t use it much though, because seriously who has time for this?

Zexion: He’d use it mainly to fulfil his aesthetics. He’d quote book passages regularly as well as famous quotes, Shakespeare is his favourite. He does have a darker side, one that only appears at night, sending creepy content to people just for giggles.

Saix: He ain’t got time fo dat. Honestly, he wouldn’t use the app for…well anything. He’d just use it to monitor everyone else’s activities, such as what kind of nonsense they were up to on their missions.

Axel: He’d have been roped into by Roxas. Generally he’d just post whatever he felt like, usually it’s food. He doesn’t like taking selfies, so don’t be surprised that he doesn’t appear in any of his posts. He uses it to tease Saix.

Demyx: He’d be the Snapchat master. He’d film himself doing like hardcore parkour as well as making silly jokes and memes. He abuses all the filters available, spamming everyone constantly with new content.

Luxord: His stories would be SO eccentric. Lots of bling and babes, he’d use it to record his numerous antics in Port Royal. Strangly enough, he has a few photos of the Queen of Hearts that nobody can quite understand….

Marluxia: His stories can go from sweet to dark in an instant, very befitting of his personality. One minute he’d post beautiful pictures of nature, the next it would be a picture of a graveyard. Not that he cares, he just posts whatever takes his fancy.

Larxene: Initially, she’s think the whole thing was for babies. But once getting it, she’d be obsessed with it. She’d mainly film pranks on other members, her favourite to pick on being Demyx. Her behaviour is concerning a lot of people.

Roxas: His stories would consist of anything and everything, ranging from subtle videos of him doing skateboard tricks to goofy pictures with the filters. One time he accidentally sent a video to Xemnas of him and Demyx with the hippie filter on pretending to play instruments.

Xion: Her stories would all be animal related. She’d take pictures of every animal she came across, constantly bombarding everyone with pictures of cute doggies and kittens. She loves the dog filter.

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I try not to think too hard about the fact that the three Nobodies Xemnas keeps closest/wants to have stay in the Organization most are the intensely loyal blue haired one, the older one whose face was scarred by darkness, and the blonde kid with the keyblade and the power of light… or how much that sounds like whatever’s left of Terra in there trying desperately to rebuild his lost family.


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