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Whether you're a hero or a villain,
one shall always perish.

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organization xiii :: flower+color+personality study {insp.}

I try not to think too hard about the fact that the three Nobodies Xemnas keeps closest/wants to have stay in the Organization most are the intensely loyal blue haired one, the older one whose face was scarred by darkness, and the blonde kid with the keyblade and the power of light… or how much that sounds like whatever’s left of Terra in there trying desperately to rebuild his lost family.

  • what she says: i don't care about kingdom hearts
  • what she means: please ask me about my 300 pages theory justifying why i think xigbar has always been working in the shadows with marluxia to overthrow the organization please i'm begging you

Seriously though the idea of Braig helping to raise Ienzo is hilarious to me because

  • He would teach him all the swear words though no one is sure if it was intentional or not 
  • First time Braig gets put in charge of babysitting Ienzo he’s like “here’s 10 bucks, I’m off to the bar”. Ienzo manages to find his way back before Braig does. 
  • Braig tries to use Ienzo to pick up chicks, Ienzo ends up utterly ruining it by either being a smart ass and/or biting one of the girls when her hand gets just a bit to close to his face
  • Ienzo learns how to sass people by watching Braig
  • Braig teaching Ienzo how to play poker and other card games (Braig seems like the type who would play people for money)
  • Braig teaching Ienzo how to shoot a gun and the recoil causing Ienzo to get a bloody nose. 
  • Braig using his space powers to plop Ienzo up on the castle roof for a few hours. Ienzo doesn’t mind as it’s cool and interesting (I mean, you ever been on top of a roof as a little kid, it’s amazing) but Even nearly has a heart attack upon finding out. 
  • Xigbar dragging Zexion out to the bar when he turns 21 only for Zexion to end up with a massive hangover and vowing never to drink again. Xigbar finds this hilarious. 
  • Ienzo discovering he’s good with illusions and Braig asking him to help prank people. Sidenote: There’s actually a really good fic that plays with this idea This Way Down (basically Zexion and Xigbar combining their powers to create a never ending staircase)
  • But yeah Braig is like that older brother who picks on you but you think they’re super cool anyway til you grow up and realize they’re kind of a loser. XD

ASK and you SHALL receive.


With bonus vanitas because he’s hilarious. ENJOY.


So I decided to do some quick-ish doodles of some changes in mind for some people which may or may not become canon. Not too certain yet if I’ll give every member something a little different about their design.