ADVANCE POST NAKO GIRL :)) Happy birthday to my sleepover buddy/sister/partner in crime :) hahaha! I missyou girl :( i hope we can hang out again with our barkadas :( ibalik ang h.s moments nato :)) sleepover anywhere,going to mall,foodtrip & etc . :)) hahaha! Iloveyousomuch girl maskng wla na kaayo tay uban2. Thanks for the memories from 3rd yr until now :> di jd ko makalimot nimo swear ✋ loveyouuy<33 mwaa💋 #HBD #XIEN #KAFATED

Grilled BBQ Skewers (Xiên Nướng BBQ)

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Grilled BBQ Skewers (Xiên Nướng BBQ)

Grilled BBQ Skewers

With all flexible ingredients you can choose depends on your taste, stick them together on skewers and bring to grill. Yummy! Best dish is arrived. Why don’t we make one of stunning Vietnamese Dish Recipes right now?


15 green bell pepper

200g fresh prawns

250g pork (half lean half fat)

200g mozzarella cheese

Spices: garlic, pepper, chili sauce, BBQ sauce.


Step 1: Clean green bell pepper, take out seeds and slice halft.

Step 2: Clean and peel off the cover of prawns, marinate with BBQ sauce with a little pepper and salt.

Step 3: Mince well garlic and mix with cheese.

Step 4: Use scoop to scoop one by one spoon and our into each slice of bell pepper. Press gently and then put one prawn on top.

Step 5: Clean and slice thinly pork meat. Use one by one slice of meat to roll aroung each bell pepper in step 4.

Step 6: Bring to grill on cob or into oven in 10 minutes until meat turn brown yellow. Sometimes, you should change their faces to make sure they will not be burnt.

Step 7: Making bb sauce with chili sauce, pepper and spread on face of meat. Bring to grill more 3 – 4 minutes.

Finally, one of fantastic Vietnamese Dish Recipes is finished. How do you feel? It is not hard to cook right? A little spicy from pepper, sweetness from prawn and the tasty cheese will make you nonstop eating. Have a happy weekend, guys. Good luck for your cooking.

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So I expected most ponies to draw them and their dates. Me on the other hand is going to get as many ponies as I can sneak into the pictures as possible. BA-dash is my partner blog and well the nobody asked them to the prom. I wanted to as a kind gesture but well I do art for them as well so they felt bad. Who cares, I love to draw :3.

Featured ponies: Xien (http://askx.tumblr.com/ [me])

Badass bash (http://ask-badass-dash.tumblr.com/)

Touchdown (http://askahoofballpony.tumblr.com/)

Spitfire (http://ask-spitfire-thewonderbolt.tumblr.com/)
Randy (http://nonexistantpumpkin.tumblr.com/)
Cardigan (http://cardiganponi.tumblr.com/)
Wedding Belle (http://askweddingbelle.tumblr.com/)
Flyby (http://ask-flyby.tumblr.com/)

Onto the rest of the night! (drawing ponies in outfits takes sometime~)

Don’t worry touchdown, I’ll get the rest of the group in the later pictures!