here’s my masterlist babes!

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breaking up with stiles and him having constant panic attacks // x

your first date with stiles // x

allison, scott and isaac when they watch you confess your love for stiles // x

stiles trying to hide his boner when you, him and scott hang out // x

stiles being there for you when allison dies // x

telling stiles that you’ve been suicidal for a long time // x

scott and kira saying no to a double date with you and stiles because they know you two will just make out the whole time // x

stiles’ reaction when he finds out you have a crush on him // x

being in a coma for three months and stiles breaking down when he visits you everyday // x

stiles constantly checking you out // x

stiles spying on you when you stay after school to finish a test // x

stiles finds out that you, scott’s twin sister, are a werewolf and stiles becomes your anchor // x

cuddling with stiles // x

cheering for stiles at his lacrosse game // x

being this grungey rebellious girl and stiles falling for you // x

stiles falling for you despite what everybody at school thinks about you always coloring your hair // x

you and stiles being married, and you’re pregnant with his child but he doesn’t know it… // x


liam trying to convince you to cut class with him // x

making out with liam behind the bleachers // x

secretly shipping scam even though you’re liam’s girlfriend // x

visiting hayden at sinema with liam // x

watching liam while he practices lacrosse // x

liam being your first kiss // x

catching liam cheating on you with hayden // x


being the daughter of zeus and your dad getting angry when scott talks about having sex with you // x

scott thinking of you when theo asks him about his first love // x


stiles flirting with you and your boyfriend derek getting angry // x

having sex with derek and asking for round two but he has a pack meeting to go to // x

derek sensing when your sad // x

you and young derek having eye conversations from across the room // x

derek taking care of you after you broke your ankle in a fight // x


theo strip teasing you when you have sex in the weight room // x

thee’s face when you tell him he’s hot // x

theo teaching you how to fight, but it end in a hot make out session // x

theo dating malia just to get closer to you, even though you were only fourteen // x


brett asking mason, your best friend, how to get you to like him // x

going to sinema with liam and mason, and dancing with brett // x


isaac being your first time // x


giving jackson a blowjob // x


being a photography major in college and lydia being your muse // x

lydia finding out that you’ve been sacrifices and trying to communicate with you // x

waking up with lydia // x


being the new girl and catching allison’s eye // x

allison teaching you how to fight // x


being a chimera and malia trying to explain the supernatural world to you // x


stiles and liam fighting for your attention // x

being the one who helps theo and stiles reconcile // x

isaac is the nerdy boy at school and scott is the ‘it’ boy, but they both fall head over heels // x

theo and liam both falling for you when they see you vulnerable // x


going on a field trip and messing around with stiles and scott on the bus // x

ice skating with the pack // x

helping scott and stiles calm liam down after talking to brett before the scrimmage // x

being scott’s younger sister and him and Isaac looking after you and your mom while you sleep // x

being the only one who’s in constant tears when allison dies while everybody else is in shock // x

anonymous asked:

if you had/have a bucket list, what would be some of things on your list?

I do! It’s quite lengthy and most of it involves having lots of money which I currently don’t have as a broke college student.  The ones with x’s and photos are the ones I’ve completed! Hopefully one day I’ll have a photo for all of these ^__^

  • Run a half marathon
  • Do a triathlon
  • Kiss someone on top of the Empire State Building x
  • Kiss someone on top of the Eiffel tower
  • Go to Cinque Terre
  • Meet one of my (running) idols
  • Ride in a helicopter above San Francisco at dusk
  • See an Aurora
  • Hike in Denali National Park x
  • Run a road race x
  • Go to New York x
  • Go to a big music festival x
  • Watch a meteor shower 
  • Skydive
  • Be a part of Doctors Without Borders
  • Cliff Jump
  • Parasail x
  • Stand on top of a glacier x
  • Ice skate in Central Park
  • Live somewhere outside the United States for more than a year
  • Ride in a hot air balloon
  • Get a dog
  • Cliff jump x
  • Visit a volcano
  • Go on road trip
  • Graduate college
  • Go to Tokyo
  • Visit Machu Picchu
  • Go backpacking 
  • Learn how to surf
  • Make a gopro video that gets featured on their channel

Erg there are so many more but this list is getting too long!! If you would like to know more, let me know and I can make a separate page for my bucketlist!!