Man I am so here for brown dudes who adore brown women. I love going to a mans blog and seeing a celebration of dark bodies; I love men who, if they must steep themselves in women, choose to do so with melanated women; who’s likes are full of beautiful brown girls…. brown love and brown worship is revolutionary and bold and I respect and fucking love brown dudes who love brown women.

a nice little compilation of things I've heard alone this year.

white girl: “omg i love your outfit! urban!”

“No but seriously your mom is so cute she talks like Sophia Vergara!!!”

“Chipotle has great Mexican food”

“I LOVE Mexico! I’ve been to Cancun twice! Everyone there spoke English it was great.”

“I love how you don’t sound or look Mexican! But like your mom…. is she here legally…?”

i hate it when people dress up as “mexicans” for halloween

i bring my now ex boyfriend to mexico, show him the culture, the food, my family

and he dresses up as a mexican for halloween

yes. next time i will dress up as a fucking korean. that’s what i’ll do cuz i don’t have any respect either

how the fuck could i dress up as a korean? as an african american? wear kisaeng garb? wear black face? look how wrong that all is but no please go ahead and wear a shitty poncho 


El Chicano ♪ Viva Tirado

Dedicated to the Memory of Oscar E. Gómez.

A Jew, a Xicano and a Native American walk into a bar.

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WHERE ARE YOUR PAPERS?  Racist Frankenstein not like brown people.


As you may or may not have been following in this space, this past week I drove 3500 miles from San Francisco to Austin and back.

Inside my vehicle was my Xicano buddy Marco, aka “DJ Santa Muerte,” and my boss who is Native American.  Marco has long-ass hair and a beard, and dresses like a Hell’s Angel.  My boss looks and sounds like me except with dark skin and less patience for stupidity.

We were pulled over three times by law enforcement. 

Not for drugs…not for speeding…hell.  Not even for looking like freaky-ass weirdos into screwgaze and seapunk.

We got pulled over for citizenship checks.  Citizenship checks on American soil.

Twice by militarized Arizona “border guards” with machine guns and insane dogs.  Once by U.S. Border cops, also with automatic guns and dogs.

At first we were scared as fuck.  But we soon realized that since my white ass was in the van, we had a get-out-of-jail-free card.  Each time we were stopped, we were approached with guns and self-righteous looks…but as soon as they saw my pale face we were waived through like VIPs.

No matter what you think you know about race in America…take it from a white boy who is embarrassed to have to admit these things to you. 

I could have been sitting on a kilo of cocaine…I could have been waiving my cock at old ladies out the window.  There was no chance on earth that we were going to have any trouble as long as I was there with my non-white friends to legitimize and validate them as American citizens.

If that does not make you angry, you are clearly not paying attention.


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