Latina Girls Deserve More

Jesus Christ.
I’m going to rant for a hot second.
We’re either considered too black, too Latina, or too white.
If you’re mixed, you’ll never be considered a part of either culture.
Lighter skinned babies are idolized, but when they grow up, they’re no longer Hispanic enough.
Afro Latinas are too dark for many to consider Hispanic but not often considered a part of the black community.
LBTP+ Latinas are rarely recognized in LGBT+ groups and organizations.
Even light skinned Latinas are ignored by white feminists.
The “chola” style is ridiculed and considered “ghetto”, but fashionable on white girls.
Thick eyebrows on Latina girls are made fun of but on whites it’s yet another fashion statement.
The most famous and incredibly talented Latina artist is only noted for her eyebrows and not her art or story.
Speaking with a heavy accent is ridiculed.
Not speaking Spanish is ridiculed.
Deportation jokes, especially towards Mexicans, are considered ok by society.
Indigenous descent isn’t considered “native” to white standards.

I have so much more I am so angry.

Always keep immigrants in your thoughts and prayers. Those who are considering crossing the border(s), those who have started their journey, and those who have made it to the other side. May their journey be a safe one. May they face no more violence. May they have food and water to get them through the long days and nights. And may they be able to find what/who they’re looking for when they arrive to the other side of the border.

@ LatinO Men

If you still live with your parents, y'all better be doing your part around the house. Help out by washing the dishes, sweeping, mopping, cleaning your room, and washing your own clothes. Don’t expect to have your food served like your dad and tíos are used to. I know many LatinOs who support their families financially and think that excludes them from actually helping around the house. Our moms don’t get paid to do housework, clean after your messes, cook your meals, and wash your dirty ass clothes. Get your asses up, pinches huevones!