I was just thinking about how gross I look in this pic but then I remembered the only reason I thought I looked weird was because I was taught by society that if I don’t fit Eurocentric beauty standards, I’m ugly. Indigenous features are hard to get used to. So I’m just gonna leave this picture here and try not get all insecure and delete it by tomorrow. MeXICANX pride exudes through me as it should through you all as well.

Latina Girls Deserve More

Jesus Christ.
I’m going to rant for a hot second.
We’re either considered too black, too Latina, or too white.
If you’re mixed, you’ll never be considered a part of either culture.
Lighter skinned babies are idolized, but when they grow up, they’re no longer Hispanic enough.
Afro Latinas are too dark for many to consider Hispanic but not often considered a part of the black community.
LBTP+ Latinas are rarely recognized in LGBT+ groups and organizations.
Even light skinned Latinas are ignored by white feminists.
The “chola” style is ridiculed and considered “ghetto”, but fashionable on white girls.
Thick eyebrows on Latina girls are made fun of but on whites it’s yet another fashion statement.
The most famous and incredibly talented Latina artist is only noted for her eyebrows and not her art or story.
Speaking with a heavy accent is ridiculed.
Not speaking Spanish is ridiculed.
Deportation jokes, especially towards Mexicans, are considered ok by society.
Indigenous descent isn’t considered “native” to white standards.

I have so much more I am so angry.

Why I need Chicana feminism

Because I was taught to stay away from certain styles because they were too “mexican”. With phrases like “the bigger the hoop, the bigger the hole” when I loved wearing big earrings. Being told that red hair against my brown skin looked “ghetto” instead of fierce and bold. Wearing stylish flannels like the pretty pastel haired girls on tumblr and being told I look like a “chola”. Working hard to get rid of my slang because society taught me that it was “unflattering”. That bright red lips were too much. That my natural intense brows are now a makeup “fad”. When in reality all this shit was made up by people that want to put us down for claiming our own identity. 

How to get me to say bye real quick:
“Mexicans don’t experience racism, y'all don’t struggle.”
“It’s not that hard to get your papers.”
“I’m not trying to offend you but MY grandparents immigrated LEGALLY from [insert European country here] why can’t you guys do that?”
“So what do Latinas do ;)”
“You’re one of the good ones, you look white.”
BYE. Soy de Jalisco, menso.
“I love authentic Mexican food—Taco Bell is my favorite!”
“Mexicans don’t deserve any rights if they can’t even get their papers.”
“Gentrification isn’t real.”
“Make America Great Again.”