4 DAYS LEFT! Finding Molly: An Adventure in Catsitting on Kickstarter
A graphic novel from an all-female team about Molly Sanchez-Talebi, a snarky catsitter and artist looking for her big break in LA.

Less than 100 hours left until our Finding Molly Kickstarter ends! As of right now, Finding Molly is over 200% funded by almost 500 backers. Thanks to you we’ve unlocked our 20k mini-goal, so all non-digital backers will now receive a free 5x7 Finding Molly print!

And here’s the next gift for our 25k goal:

That’s right! Once we get to 25k, all our backers will receive the complete first issue of Zana, the female-driven story of a fictional, future South Africa in which apartheid never ended.

Quick recap, here’s what we still need to unlock:

$25,000: Free PDF of Zana #1 for all backers!


Help us end this Kickstarter on an amazing note so we can keep bringing you more of Finding Molly! Please keep sharing it with your friends, tell your favorite comic book store, and upgrade your pledge if you can.

P.S. Want a kitty portrait or a drawing of your favorite character? We still have a few great art commission slots available!


This is “Dulceria,” my 8-portrait series of xingonxs surrounded by pan dulce and Mexican candy. This series means so much more than muxeres indulging unapologetically in food. It’s a statement about what we face being brown and womxn identifying… Being made to feel SHAME for our desires and emotions… Body shaming when we want to wear certain clothes that maybe don’t fit a certain standard. Sex shaming. Feeling guilty for indulging in the things that make us happy. Selfies. Whatever it may be that make us feel good…whether those feelings are temporary, we as muxeres deserve to experience joy, pleasure, and self confidence.

Thank you to all the beautiful muxeres who let me paint them. I appreciate you more than you know. Xoxox

@nataliaquerida @gringaxtears @xtalxicana Natalia, Cassandra, Xtal, Carina, Araceli, Yoselin, Ramona, and Anayvette.

Why I need Chicana feminism

Because I was taught to stay away from certain styles because they were too “mexican”. With phrases like “the bigger the hoop, the bigger the hole” when I loved wearing big earrings. Being told that red hair against my brown skin looked “ghetto” instead of fierce and bold. Wearing stylish flannels like the pretty pastel haired girls on tumblr and being told I look like a “chola”. Working hard to get rid of my slang because society taught me that it was “unflattering”. That bright red lips were too much. That my natural intense brows are now a makeup “fad”. When in reality all this shit was made up by people that want to put us down for claiming our own identity.