Reference photo from various IIDX Tricoro promotional media

Seifuku of Tsugaru and Xia from the Tricoro location test flyer. I posted these over on my personal blog [which is really just my instagram nowadays, hahaha] but figured I might as well repost ‘em here, now that it actually exists. There were two of these on pixiv, but neither were to my liking - one lacked pleats, the other lacked true stripes. I’m not sure Xia’s tan is the right color as I don’t have anyone to model her uniform! If your character has a tan and you would like to send me a screenshot of it in action, I’d love to update this post with it!


Li Xiatian

A pegasus was born August 6, 2013 at 9:50pm weighing 8½ pounds and “standing tall” at 22 inches. She has dimples like her “mother” and a poking habit like her father. She is quiet, yet playful and curious. She rarely cries, just let’s out soft whines and glares when she is upset. Her name Xiatian means “Summer” and not only does it tell of the season she was born it, but it tells of how she is a fun and bright little girl. We welcome the dimpled, pegasus princess to this world. Good luck and Dadgon will give you flying lessons in the future, Xiatian!