xiaolin chase

a mess of xiaolin headcanons:
  • music is banned in rai’s and kimiko’s rooms
  • then in the whole temple - they gotta use earbuds, no exceptions
  • omi is lactose intolerant and no one makes fun of him because HEIGHT
  • jack being very sick and wuya staying with him for a while (“You took care of me too”)
  • kim and good!chase were very close bros in that alternate universe
  • hannibal never ever forgives chase and raimundo.
  • this said, chase and rai actually admire each other a lot
  • the monks kept the heylin cutouts from 3.11. and they either keep using them OR send them to their real counterparts as a christmas present
  • clay is the mom friend. 
  • the monks see bits of each other lives when they create either of the formations; the good and bad bits too.
  • so it is natural they bond over lost mothers (seriously? where are the mothers in this show??)
  • BUT jack calls wuya ‘mom’ a lot. the first time chase witnesses this, they are dining together and he spits soup all over the table
  • kimiko teaching omi to write in cursive
  • clay teaches all of them strip poker, omi is SUPRISINGLY good
  • all of them dream a lot of the xiaolin dragons before them
  • dojo crying when the monks become dragons
  • guan and chase have tea once in while. 
  • chase rearranging furnitures every 6 months cause he is like that
  • when omi is older he regularly say; “Just a sex” instead of sec

feel free to add!

Why is your fave problematic? heylin edition
  • chase young: sold his soul for soup, has a furry fetish, thinks he is a cool dragon king but is just a very old catlady
  • hannibal roy bean: would manipulate you into going to mcdonalds without pants on, he probably smells bad
  • jack spicer: mismatched socks, wing eyeliner too thick, cries 24/7 abt not being able to fuck robots
  • wuya: ha! joke's on you. she is literally flawless

ok but like. bear with me for a sec

Chase’s warriors. his cats. they’re big cats, the kind of k-species that are always teetering around on endangered species lists. idk about you, but it would make sense to me for some of the warriors to have the forms of extinct/endangered breeds of cat? and his lair is just. fuckin crawling with them

imagine some misled wildlife conservation/restoration group hailing Chase Young as a hero for his work in maintaining tiger/etc populations

Chase doesn’t know how to deal or how these people got into his house, stop bothering his warriors


My Favorite villains if they lived up to their tru potential.

Chase embraces his draconic side more then he did in the series.

Wuya get’s stuck between ghost and human, and becomes more powerful and level headed because of it.

Jack gets a wake up call because he wasn’t going all out against the Xiaolin Dragons. He fixes his body with his mechanic skills, learns Heylin magic, becomes a Heylin Lord and Monkey King.

And then they conquer the world. The End.

(✿⊙◡⊙ ) 

but really, mom and dad get their shit together and raise the best heylin baby lord eveeer~