Rio 2016: Records fall as Rahimov wins gold, Karapetyan hurt

A world record-breaking performance from Nijat Rahimov helped him claim gold in the men’s 77kg weightlifting at Rio 2016 as Andranik Karapetyan sustained a gruesome injury.

Rahimov edged out China’s Lu Xiaojun on Wednesday, only by virtue of body weight, for Kazakhstan’s first gold in Rio.

Defending champion Lu broke the world record in the snatch with a 177kg lift on his way to silver.

With 214kg, reigning world champion Rahimov smashed the clean and jerk mark as both finished with 379kg totals.

“It is the most amazing feeling. There was a chance Kazakhstan would not be allowed to compete in these Olympic Games,” he said.

“I have been practicing for two years. I have been practicing in Azerbaijan and when I returned to Kazakhstan I continued to practice.”

Egyptian Mohamed Mahmoud won bronze with a total of 361kg, becoming the first male athlete from Africa since 1948 to win an Olympic weightlifting medal.

Armenian Karapetyan suffered an ugly injury, with his left arm appearing to snap during a lift.

It’s not my all-time favorite Olympic event or anything, but weightlifting is super exciting because it can go from zero to 1000 in the blink of an eye.

Take the men’s 77kg last week. It was, in the words of NBC.com, “Lyu [Xiaojun]’s to lose” because there was only one guy (Nijat Rahimov) with an clean and jerk attempt left and Lyu’s combined score was something like 10 kilos higher than his. In order to lift enough to beat Lyu’s combined score, Rahimov needed to lift 215kg, which was 8kg higher than the world record (that’s a lot) and something like 10-15 kilos higher than his own personal best (A LOT).

But there was literally no point in taking his third attempt if he wasn’t going to try to win, so he puts 215kg on the bar, because what else can he do? Lyu, who’s in the lead, only lifted 202kg (only, lol). No one expects Rahimov to lift this. The judges don’t. The audience doesn’t. His coaches probably don’t. Who knows what’s going through his mind at that point, but if I had to guess I’d say pretty little.

Anyway, he goes up for his final attempt with this ridiculously high weight…AND HE FUCKING LIFTS IT. HE GETS THE GOLD. And he sets a new 77kg clean and jerk record by EIGHT KILOSNobody knows what to think! His coaches fucking jump him and almost suffocate him because they’re so excited and shocked. They’re dancing around, meanwhile Lyu, who had absolutely no reason to suspect that Rahimov could lift anything CLOSE to 215kg is suddenly shunted down to the silver medal. And this all happens in fewer than ten seconds.

Weightlifting is awesome, is all I’m saying.

El kazajo Rahimov destrona al chino Lyu en 77 kilos

Río de Janeiro, 10 ago (EFE).- El kazajo Nijat Rahimov destronó este miércoles al chino Lyu Xiaojun como campeón olímpico de la categoría de 77 kilos de halterofilia masculina al imponerse en el torneo de los Juegos de Río 2016.
Nijat Rahimov, actual campeón mundial, se impuso con un total de 379 kilos, 165 en arrancada y 214 en dos tiempos, que es nuevo récord mundial de la modalidad.
Por detrás, con la medalla de plata al cuello, terminó Lyu Xiaojun, campeón en Londres 2012 y que levantó también 379 kilos, pero acabó segundo por tener un mayor peso corporal que el kazajo en 64 gramos. Además estableció una nueva plusmarca universal en la arrancada con 177 kilos. En el dos tiempos hizo 202.
El podio lo completó el egipcio Mohamed Mahmoud, tercero con 361 (165+196).
El joven haltera colombiano Andrés Caicedo fue el mejor dentro del Grupo B, lo que le valió para acabar finalmente en la sexta plaza.
El levantador de pesas de Palmira, de 18 años, alzó 155 kilos en arrancada y 191 en el dos tiempos para 346 totales. EFE