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A Yangarang idea I had like 6 months ago but only in these week I got the time to actually do it ;;
I’ll definitely do a redraw in the future but for now I’ll go with this version

Things I’m expecting in V5

Or… you know, just want to see even though they aren’t likely.

RNJR meeting Pyrrha’s family and delievering the… bad news. We know Pyrrha was from Mistral, and that’s where RNJR (and Weiss and Yang) are right now. I mean, with the CCT down, and with Pyrrha being unable to write letters to her family, they must be worried as hell and probably don’t know about her death. Nobody could have told them, really. I doubt Winter or Qrow or anyone would have cared enough to pay them a visit. Of course, the show could just ignore this and just move on since Pyrrha isn’t important to the story anymore, but I really hope it doesn’t.

Yang and Blake’s reunion. I mean, this one is obvious, even though it doesn’t seem like Blake’s going to Mistral right now. However, we know Haven is the next target and the White Fang is going to be involved, so it’s only a matter of time before Blake goes there, too. Personally I hope there’s tears and screaming because I’m a sucker for angst, and Blake did leave Yang without a fucking goodbye or explanation to her . And speaking about the White Fang…

Sienna Khan. Seriously. We don’t even know their gender, though the 2D animated flashback from Volume 2 in which Blake talked about the White Fang showed a male figure smiling at the end, which could be him. The only clue we have right now about them it’s they are the leader of the White Fang, and their last name is “Khan” which resembles Shere Khan from The Jungle Book, so with the connection Ghira (who is inspired by Bagheera from the same story) and them have, Sienna having succeeded Ghira’s White Fang leadership, it’s possible they’re based off of the evil tiger and so they’re a tiger Faunus. But that’s only a theory.

Weiss summoning the giant armor (aka Arma Gigas) in a battle and kicking ass. Pretty self explanatory.

On the same train of thought, YANG FIGHTING WITH HER NEW ARM. PLEASE. I don’t think they’re going to give her some random power-up out of the blue just because now she’s got a metal arm, but her lessons with Taiyang must have teached her about not relaying in her Semblance and such. And we’ve been a full volumen without Yang super punches, it’s getting unbearable.

Ren and Nora’s relationship developing. Like, okay, they held hands and Nora blushed. So… are they dating? Are they going to kiss? Will they tell the others? ARE THEY TOGETHER TOGETHER NOW OR WHAT?

An explanation about wtf is all this Ozpin/Oscar shit about. Please Qrow, we’re begging you. Also,

OSCAR. Oscar meeting RNJR, Oscar developing as a character, Oscar unlocking his aura and Semblance and learning how to fight perhaps? Just, Oscar. Oscar doing something besides talking with Ozpin. Please.

Ilia and Blake interactions! Or maybe a flashback? A story about their ex-friendship? Something!

TEAM SSSN! And team ABRN too! Teams from Haven pleeeease!

RNJR (plus Yang and Weiss?) going to Haven Academy to continue their training! I don’t think we’re gonna get another three volumes about High School-like events, but eventually they’ll need to graduate if they want to be Huntsman at all.

Hazel and Watts! I want to know more about the baddies, omg. I really hope we see Hazel meeting with Sienna Khan and Watts’ role in Haven, as a Lionheart… friend or whatever.

Lionheart. Just, Lionheart. Wtf is up with that guy.

There is more stuff I’d like to see, like Penny being rebuilt, team FNKI, Glynda (seriosly that woman is underrated and I love her) and such, but since this volume is most likely to stay centered on Mistral I won’t get my hopes that high. Yet.

Feel free to suggest your ideas!

The way Blake cries “not again” really got me. Literally, her fiery blonde friend who was there for her and trusted loses a limb trying to protect her from her fuckboy ex and Blake cries and apologizes while laying next to her… Then her goofy blond friend who was there for her and followed her to help, almost dies trying to fight(or at least hold back) her shitty old friend almost dies and she cries and says “not again”.

Like, her 2 adorable blonde best friends got hurt trying to help her and they both got hurt by members of the white fang.


“It must be hard to be a faunus…”

I believe sun is suppose to represent the white fang Blake hopes for, one of equality and peace

Blake fears that yang will become what the white fang of now is. From Armed and Ready (aka best song), you may be able to interpret that some day, yang will take revenge on Adam. She is being put into the same situation Adam was, and he became corrupted by it.

My only hope is that Blake doesn’t have to witness it.

  • Roman Torchwick: Come on, we don't have all day! Get the dust on the airships already! We don't want those kids coming and ruining up our plans again!
  • White Fang Member: ...Do you hear that?
  • *Everyone listens out and in the distance, slowly getting louder, is the Warthog theme from Red Vs Blue*
  • Roman Torchwick: What the hell is-?
  • *A jeep crashes through a pile of crates with Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang (at the turret) aboard.*
  • Ruby: SUCK IT BLUE! Errr I mean Torchwick!
The Masterpiece that is “No Brakes”

Can we talk about the brilliant character arcs in “No Brakes?” If you ask most people about this episode, they’ll mention the nonstop action, the introduction of Raven and Neo, and how hyped the ending  got them for the vol. 2 finale. But the character development in this episode was amazing, especially for Weiss, Blake, and Yang.

Prior to the epic action of No Brakes, our heroes have been wandering through Mountain Glenn, and Weiss, Blake, and Yang are all conflicted and introspective after talking with Oobleck. No Brakes makes a callback to each of their individual struggles, as well as satisfying their longer character arcs for the whole volume. Let’s look at them in detail.

First up is Yang. Her fight with Neo is arguably one of the best in the entire show, but don’t be fooled; this moment is all about Raven. I’m not saying that the Neo fight was pointless. Earlier in the season we see Yang punch a giant mecha into scrap, so it’s important to see the weaknesses in her particular style of steamrolling fights. Her loss to Neo also foreshadows her Vol. 3 arc quite nicely, but that’s for another post. We’re here to talk about Yang and Raven.

After talking to Oobleck, Yang says that she wants to be a huntress for the adventure; she’s a drifter, a go-with-the-flow kind of woman. She feels purposeless and lost. Then Yang catches a glimpse of Raven, and her purpose is reignited. She finally has a lead in her search for her mother - she finally has a purpose she can call all her own, and no one else’s. Yes, Yang was searching for her mom before, but now the search was real. Now it was achievable. 

There’s no obvious flashback or explicit mention of the callback, because it weaves so organically into the episode itself. Between Neo and Raven, some of Yang’s weaknesses reveal themselves more fully, and she is given a quest for the future.

Next up is Weiss.

With Oobleck, Weiss stated that it was her duty as a Schnee to be a huntress. To her friends, she confided that she felt it was her duty to save the Schnee legacy and right the wrongs of her father by becoming a huntress. She was determined to make the Schnee name a force for good in the world again.

And who does Weiss face on the train? A faceless White Fang warrior, who hates her for her name and family, and is ready to kill her. Weiss talked about saving the family legacy, and then she is confronted with a living, breathing product of that legacy. And she loses, of course she loses, because the metaphorical fight is too big to overcome by herself on her first try. The terrible size and strength of her opponent, not to mention his hatred, symbolizes the immensity of the task she has undertaken, while also giving us a heart-stopping fight. Add the fact that Weiss is fighting with a rapier against a chainsaw - an elegant upper-class weapon against a former tool re-purposed as a weapon to fight the oppressors - and we see that she fails not only because of the vastness of her task, but also because she has not yet reconciled the contradictions within herself. 

This, of course, sets up her vol. 3 and especially vol. 4 arcs quite nicely, and on into the future.

And, finally, we have Blake. When I first watched this episode, the ending to Blake’s fight confused me. How did Roman seem to stall her for so long with so little effort? Her victory against him was incredibly cathartic, earned by her ability to accept help from friends - from Weiss, of all people - not to mention an entire semester’s worth of training and visualization that all lead to this very moment. 

And yet, once she defeats him, Blake is at a loss. And that is where her callback and character development tie in.

In her conversation with Oobleck, Blake was committed to fighting injustice and inequality in the world; her conviction was even stronger than Weiss’. Oobleck stilled her with a single word: “How?” Blake, much like Weiss (the two are far more similar than they care to admit), was trying to take on a global problem all by herself. She wants to make up for her past with the White Fang and stop the violence, and to gain redress for all the wrongs committed against the Faunus. But the problem is too big, too complex, too confusing for Blake to fight it with just brave words and her sword. 

Blake defeats Roman, and has no idea what to do from there. As much as part of her wants to, she can’t kill him; it would violate everything she stands for. She can’t let him go, as his crimes are too dangerous to go unpunished. And in the end she can’t even capture him, because she has to drop him to save Weiss, who, notably, just failed at her own very similar trial.

Everything in in Volume 2 has been building towards these character moments, where 3 of our 4 protagonists come face to face with the realities of their fears, their challenges, and their aspirations. Each of them face their trial, and are found wanting. So the episode ends with them bruised and battered, ready to face the hordes of darkness, ready to grow from their failures as they head into the finale, and into the future of the show.