xiao dou


Just watched The Allure of tears

I cried a river like a baby!!!

The movie is talking about three stories, the first one is about a girl who had a blood cancer and she were full of power, she met a man in the hospital had brain cancer and they’ve become lovers.. Tbh, my eyeliner smudge all over my face.

I skipped the second story! although the actress were so beautiful! but the story wasn’t that interested.

Finally the third one was full of drama, a couple went through a lot of problems with their love life… until the waited day has come to marry each other but unfortunately they’ve been stolen by bandit…

WHAT GRABBED MY ATTENTION IS ,Shawn dou -who played the role of Chen Sheng in the third part- LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE TAECYEON!!!! I can’t believe that Xiao dou is only 23YO! too hot to be true T-T



Is this a thing now or nah?, because I hope it does become a thing y’know…*wink wink*


When you don’t have the tumblr app ‘cause you got no memory on your phone *sigh*

I have been keeping up to date with some dramas (those that are subbed, just patiently waiting on the other Chinese dramas that I wanna watch but aren’t subbed) as well as their behind the scenes…. Gif-ing became an effort and I just basically got lazy…. I wanna post but yeah…

I’ll hopefully get back into it just bear with me…. I want to share other stuffs too like some Chinese variety shows and such… but <insert crying emoji> i’m not the only one who uses my laptop so~~~ *sigh*

In short, i’m just ranting but will commit to my passion of putting shtuffs here…. soon… 

I’ll probs do some Princess Agent’s stuff since I’m in love with it atm and yeah… 

Yassss Yan Xun (Shawn Dou) werk it!