xiao cosplay

Be sure to click the image for full resolution! Okay, so, because I have not found a 360 of Yang’s S4 coat, AND I’m making this cosplay for Wondercon, I needed to draft a 360 as screen accurate as possible. This means I looked at and screen captured a LOT of Yang from the S4 finale, lmao. I figured I’d upload it for my fellow cosplayers who are aiming to also make this coat. I want to reiterate that I can’t guarantee that this is 100% accurate, just that I tried to be as accurate as possible.

Grimm Skull Walkthrough

Back when I was making my Grimm costume from RWBY, I had a terrible time deciding how to make the skull portion without getting my hands dirty with bondo or resin casting. So, here is a step by step of what I did-

First, I bought some plasticine from Walmart. It’s a type of clay that does not dry out and it’s pretty cheap and reusable.

Next, I used a foam head and began layering the plasticine to create a skull shaped that I liked. I went through a lot of nitpicking for a couple weeks, but the great thing about plasticine is that it is considerably forgiving. It’s incredible easy to add more to it or take some away. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of this progress point.

After completely my model, I added a thin layer of paper mache and let dry. Once completely dry I took a sheet of Worbla and formed it over the model.

It was my first time working with Worbla so I had some rips, but a layer of fast mache took out any imperfections.

Note : fast mache doesn’t exactly bond with Worbla. It sticks some, but I ended up sanding and then smoothing area’s with a mixture of water and wood filler. It worked rather well all together though.

Please use a mask, respirator, or be outside when sanding!</b>

It seemed like forever before I was done sanding! After a layer of wood filler and sanding with a high grit sand paper (grit 180-220), I sprayed on a layer of primer/filler paint to help me see any holes.

I repeated the process of filling, sanding, and priming until I was satisfied. Then, I used some paper clay to make the fangs. Paper clay is easy to sand, easy to use, and quick drying.

From there I continued adding teeth with paper clay and sanding down the edges as I went along. A few teeth popped off while sanding so I used some gorilla glue to attach them back on.

Once those are secured, I dremeled out some grooves in the skull and coated the entire thing in white Plastidip. This sealed everything in a coat of rubber and made it less likely to be damaged.

Here, I had painted in the red lines, stretched black spandex on the inside of the eyes, and added ears. The spandex allowed me to see rather well without being seen underneath, it also allowed the installment of LEDs to light the eyes. The ears were cut from 5 mm craft foam and were easily formed with a heat gun.

Finally, I added a bottom jaw from worbla, teeth from more paper clay, and furred it! The back of the head, I used some green upholstery foam to help the form by the cheeks. Duct tape was used to make the pattern for the ears, jaw, and back. That’s about it!

I hope this is able to help!

okay. one of those weird Microkitty Story time things!

 so growing up, my family listened to Meatloaf A LOT.
LIKE wayyyy more than any family. we still play his songs at Xmas while we’re all wasted and LOUDLY sing along. 

when I saw this photo of Elegant Valkyrie and I, I thought of the intro to “You took the words right out of my mouth” so, idk, if you like 80s music, give it a listen 



Ship flip at the RWBY meetup! Definitely one of the hightlights of Katsu for me. (Yang is @queentaiga!)

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R: “Justice will be swift! Justice will be painful! It will be DELICIOUS!” //  W: “How dare you talk to me like that! I am your teammate!” // B: “Aren’t you that girl that exploded?” //  Y: “Great! The gang’s all here! Now we can all die together!” 

Derby team #RWBYrollers took over RTX Austin 2017!

Ruby: @rojahal
Weiss: @mockeljohns
Blake: @memes-luna
Yang: @ktypestuff
Photos by: Kayla Casper Dixon (teamsuckerpunch on twitter)