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170615 Teen Top’s V Live, in which Niel tries to find very flustered up10tion members, all scattered around the Top Media building like they’re pokemon

kuhn, wei, xiao: shy, nervous; “wait is this really live”
hwanhee: s h o o k e d 
jinhoo: ruNS OUT OF THE ROOM
sunyoul: sobbing, SCRE AMI NG,,,, !!!!! covering his face bc no makeup

my fave thing abt this is how close teen top and up10tion are… like for some companies it’s “oh we never see them but we bow really deeply every time we come across them!” nope niel can’t walk 5 metres without bumping into an up10tion member

A Guide To VAV

VAV – Very Awesome Voice

Soooo since there were some people who did like my idea of making a guide like this I thought ‘cool let’s do it!‘
I hope this can help people finde out about them and maybe motivate some of you do give them a listen and some love!

Ok so first some general facts;

They had their debut in 2015 (still noobs) with 6 members and are under AQ Entertainment, which is now A-Team Entertainment. I’d like to point out here, that this company provides ENGLISH SUBTITLES for us (!!!!) which is pretty damn awesome.The group underwent (is that a word) a couple of lineup changes which I will explain further when I come to the members individually.
A Fun fact: they sometimes have exceptionally loud MALE fanchants which is hilarious to me.

Fanclub: Vampz (debut concept was vampires. Yeeeh.)

We’ll get to the number one most important part now

THE MEMBERS (in order of age)

1.       St. Van – The Leader

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  • Real Name: Lee Geumhyuk
  • 91 liner
  • Main vocal (POWER vocal) / Leader
  • A father
  • Probably speaks better Chinese than Jacob
  • Loves Jacob; votes Jacob by default
  • tries hard and gets dragged for it by the younger members
  • it was revealed that he likes to watch girl group dances (he said it’s because he needs to learn them to be able to show something at fanmeetings and such. Yeah sure bro me too.)
  • has that hella loud HAHAHA kinda laugh
  • roommates with Baron
  • embarrassed. Generally.
  • Completely demolished ACE birthday cake with the help of ZeHan once
  • Likes cars
  • Has sleeve-like tattoo on his shoulder/upper arm

2.       Baron

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  • Real Name: Choi Chunghyeob
  • 92 liner
  • Vocal
  • Fake Maknae 0.1 // he’s very cute
  • Known for serenading a male fan with ‘I need a boy’
  • Super pretty // sweet voice // good dancer // funny –> Real idol material right here
  • Apparently has ‘apple hips’ which are ‘popular’ among the members. Whatever that may mean…
  • Likes photography and making films
  • Plays games first thing in the morning
  • Talkative
  • A sunshine // scammed the company into giving him an extra allowance of 1000won in a game and spend it to buy fruit for the members
  • there’s a 26 second long video of him brushing his teeth on A-Teams official youtube channel

3.       ACE

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  • Real Name: Jang Wooyoung
  • 92 liner
  • Vocal
  • A Mom // currently raising Ayno and Jacob
  • Probably dating Ziu atm
  • asks members for reactions when he does things
  • Practices phonation /articulation in his sleep (super noisy, even people in nearby rooms can hear him)
  • Talks a lot
  • Wears sunglasses in the pool aka. will fight you in the pool while wearing sunglasses (swag is better than actually seeing your surroundings)
  • ‘I look thinner with my clothes on’ kinda person // he’s ripped
  • Really likes sport and working out
  • The groups elected MC
  • He always seems to know what he’s doing
  • Covered Winners ‘Fool’ and it’s amazing his vocals are super beautiful

4.       Ayno

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  • Real Name: Noh Yoonho
  •  96 liner
  • rapper
  • Participated in the survival show No.Mercy in which Monsta X was formed, but got eliminated in the final rounds
  • Joined the group as a new member early this year
  • Voted to be the cutest by VAV
  • Fake Maknae 0.2
  • Part time grill master (Roasts his members)
  • *Looks at the camera like he is on the office*
  • Skilled dancer
  • Writes his own rap
  • First reaction after seeing Jacob cry was to lie himself horizontal on his lap as a form of comfort or idk that’s the kinda friend he is
  • in charge of meme

5.       Jacob

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  • Real Name: Zhang Peng
  • 96 liner
  • Sub-Rapper / sub-vocal
  • Chinese
  • Super introverted // worries his members cause they want to share his hard times but they feel like they can’t. What a family T-T
  • Manly manTM
  • Had a complete mental breakdown once with ugly sobbing and all after receiving a video letter from VAV
  • Voted himself visual of the group
  • Nickname ‘Cob’
  • Doesn’t talk ever
  • understands props half of what is said, but is always nodding along
  • Idk but I think he’s rich he always wears expensive looking clothes
  • In charge of abs and keeping a straight face at all times // has super cute smile actually
  • ‘I stream ‘Venus’ as soon as I get up in the morning’
  • Accidentally made out with ZeHan at pops in seoul

6.       Lou

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  • Real Name: Kim Hosung
  • 96 liner
  • rapper
  • New member
  • Very confident
  • Super deep voice
  • Not having any of anyone’s shit (pls let ur members live)
  • Maybe a bit mean
  • Pretends to be manly
  • Wants to try acting (he is in fact an acting major)
  • Finds  lot of Joy in making fun of Ziu
  • Gets lots of affection in return that he absolutely really DOESN’T WANT
  • His most precious possession is the refrigerator
  • According to him his closest celebrity friend is James Bond
  • ‘which place would you like to visit where you have never been?’ ‘my house’

7.       Ziu

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  • Real Name: Park Heejun
  • 97 liner
  • Vocal // I love his vocals byE
  • New member / joined together with Ayno and Lou
  • No homo? Yes homo. (no video goes by without him trying to kiss at least ONE of his members)
  • King of being fake touched and overreaction
  • Always gets exposed
  • Raids the dorm refrigerator at around 5/6AM
  • Eats while being asleep
  • Suffers a lot from the maknae position
  • Currently dating ACE probably
  • In fact roommates with ACE
  • Ended up being my bias somehow
  • a cheerful fella


Former Members // Hiatus 

I will keep this short since the post is already long AS FUCK and while these members DO appear in many of their past videos, ‘advertising’ them here wouldn’t do much good since you’re not going to see them with the group from now on



  • Lee Seungmin
  • Vocal
  • 94 liner
  • Left to pursue a career as an actor
  • Was my bias why must u do dis to me


  • Jung Un
  • Vocal
  • 95 liner
  • Left to pursue a career as producer


That was it so far, but I will put their MVs under a cut!

I also decided to put pictures of the former members under there too, since it would be good to be able to recognize them in the video, but I could only find really big pictures and I don’t want to make the post too big >.>

They also have a kind of reality show which is called What’S Up? VAV and it’s very fun so I defintely recomment watching it!! Here is a season 2 playlist

Thanks for making it until here and Please stan VAV

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remember that time up10tion covered twice’s cheer up (cr. planet x)

remember when sunyoul sang his first part looking and sounding like a real member of twice the crowd got so shook and screaMED 

remember when sunyoul slayed the high note (around 1:42 here) and was the only member that wasn’t super autotuned bc of the key?

remember when youtube comments on the fancam were like “who’s singing the chorus? who’s singing that part? is it a twice member? is it the original song?” but no it was sunyoul bc his voice is just that good

and throughout the song sunyoul just looked more happy and soft and comfortable and in his element than he had ever looked and i really miss that

Up10tion + Dean Reaction to: You Being Cute Clingy But Pull Away Sometimes Because You’re Scared of Annoying Them

a/n: I’ll just add Dean on, hope that’s okay!

Dean: Notices right away. He always pays attention to the little things you do so as you pull away, his brows come together. “Where are you going? It’s cold without you.” Pulls you close again, resting his chin on top of your head.

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Jinhoo: He looks out for you so well so the second you grow distant, he pouts those pretty lips of his. “What you doing?? Don’t you want to cuddle?”

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Kuhn: Cutely pulls you back, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “What’s wrong, jagi? Why are you pulling away?” Will listen to your concerns and brush them away immediately. “You’re so cute, why would I want you to leave me?”

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Kogyeol: Blinks in confusion. He’ll gently pull you close once again, sweetly asking you why you pull away from him yet cling at other times. He wants to know what you’re thinking and if maybe he’s to blame for you pulling away.

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Wei: He wraps his long legs around you to stop you leaving. “Don’t you want to cuddle with me some more?” Feels like he’s to blame when you pull away and lets you at first but as time goes on, he wants answers. “Have I done something wrong?”

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Bitto: Will be upset by this if you pull away a lot. Every so often is fine, he understands that you may want time alone. But if you do it often, he’ll grow upset. “Do you not like spending time with me?”

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Wooshin: ”You cling to me one minute then pull away the next. Why do you do that?” Will tell you honestly that it bothers him and expects honesty from you too. Don’t brush his concern off or else you’ll hurt his feelings. As he cares for you, he wants to be able to talk through whatever issues may arise in the relationship.

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Sunyoul: Nervously brings the subject up. “Do I annoy you? Is that why you pull away sometimes?” As a caring person, he’s always looking out for you. Feeling like he’s annoying you is upsetting.

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Gyujin: Displeased by not getting what he wants and what he wants is your affection. “Don’t go, come back! I still want to cuddle ~”

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Hwanhee: Whines about it to the others. And tries to show you how frustrating it feels to have your loved one pull away from you by doing the same. Whenever you’re feeling clingy, he’ll pull away.

“See? I don’t need you - I have Xiao to keep me warm.”

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Xiao: Used to getting attention from his hyungs and you when you’re in a clingy mood. So starts whining when you pull away. “Why are you going? Come back ~”

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(weekly idol 170419, masked idol- kuhn)

kuhn: “there are ten members. jinhoo, kuhn, kogyeol, wei…” *long pause; trying to remember who’s next*

honey10s: “bitto. bitto comes after wei. it’s bitto.”

kuhn: “…wooshin, sunyoul, gyujin, hwanhee, xiao.”

honey10s: “that’s nine members kuhn”

kuhn: “and those are the ten members”

honey10s: “kuhn oh my god”