City Vocabulary: Xiàmén

In order to break up the monotony of my Song Vocabulary lists, I’ve decided to also start making vocabulary lists about various cities, as well! First up is Xiamen, since I will be going there this summer and hopefully also next school year! Let me know if you have a city you want me to do!

福建厦门 - fújiàn xiàmén - Xiamen, Fujian


  • 海沧区 – hǎi cāng qū – Haicang District
  • 湖里区 – hú lǐ qū – Huli District
  • 集美区 – jí měi qū – Jimei District
  • 思明区 – sī míng qū – Siming District
  • 同安区 – tóng ān qū – Tong’an District
  • 翔安区 – xiáng ān qū – Xiang’an District


  • 鼓浪屿 – gǔ làng yǔ – Gulangyu Island
  • 日光岩 – rì guāng yán – Sunlight Rock
  • 皓月园 – hào yuè yuán – Haoyue Park
  • 钢琴博物馆 – gāng qín bó wù guǎn – Piano Museum
  • 菽庄花园 – shū zhuāng huā yuán – Shuzhuang Garden
  • 南普陀寺 – nán pǔ tuó sì – South Putuo Temple
  • 胡里山炮台 – hú lǐ shān pào tái – Hulishan Battery
  • 厦门园林植物园 – xià mén yuán lín zhì wù yuán – Xiamen Botanical Garden
  • 五缘湾湿地公园 – wǔ yuán wān shī dì gōng yuán – Wuyuan Bay Wetland Park
  • 厦门大学 – xià mén dà xué – Xiamen University
  • 集美学村 – jí měi xué cūn – Jimei School Village
  • 集美大学 – jí měi dà xué – Jimei University
  • 白城沙滩 – bái chéng shā tān – Baicheng Beach
  • 海沧大桥 – hǎi cāng dà qiáo – Haicang Bridge
  • 环岛路 – huán dǎo lù – Island Ring Road
  • 厦门爱乐乐团 – xià mén ài yuè yuè tuán – Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra

Famous People

  • 陈嘉庚 – chén jiā gēng – Tan Kah Kee, founder of Xiamen University
  • 郑成功 – zhèng chéng gōng – Zheng Chenggong (Koxinga), chief commander of Ming troops who resisted Manchu conquest


  • 海鲜 – hǎi xiān – seafood
  • 沙茶面 – shā chá miàn – Seafood satay noodle soup
  • 金包银 – jīn bāo yín – Silver-wrapped gold (dumplings containing mushrooms, bamboo shoots, pickles, and sometimes meat)
  • 土笋冻 – tǔ sǔn dòng – Sea worm jelly
  • 薄饼 – báo bǐng – Baobing (spring rolls made with a thin wheat pancake and usually topped with a sweet red sauce)
  • 蚝仔煎 – háo zǐ jiān – Oyster omelet
  • 花生汤 – huā shēng tāng – Peanut soup

Wow It’s been so long since I –actually– blogged. The last time was about six months ago…! 

Quite a bit has happened since then. Mainly me graduating from college (AT LAST), very very late night outs with friends, getting quite addicted to Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies (haha), getting an ipad mini and an xbox (Dance Centralll) and moving to Xiamen, China! (XBL: HEYFAYNT, add me up!) – the usual :)) 

I was planning to blog, but I’ve been way too busy for the past two weeks mainly because we’re moving in to our new home at 光明东塔 near 斗西路 station and also because I was doing a project /freelance work for a friend.

Okay so I’m not really ‘moving’ to china, but I am staying here (until my visa/plane ticks expires hahaha) or I finish my chinese course (because I do plan to take up mandarin) so I may be staying around here for about six months to a year.

So a little bit about my experience so far in China.. 

External image

Philippines to China
That difference. 

I just love the weather here tho. Right now it’s fall - winter season, so during day time it’s 17-23c then at night it gets to 10-15c, so it’s pretty perfect! (I love love love cold places!)

So far since we’ve been really busy with the renovations, I haven’t really had the time to explore (AKA SHOP) but soon tho, VERY VERY SOON, just after we move in hahaha) 

I really want to explore everything 中山路 (Chong San Lu) has to offer. During the duration of my stay so far, we only went there once, (and we didn’t even shoooop XD boo~) 

External image

中山路 during morning~

Also another thing I love here is the public transport system! (BRT system and buses) It’s super convenient and I don’t really feel the need to get a car at all. It isn’t tiring to walk around because of the cold weather! 

I also love where we’re about to stay because of the viiiew! Too bad my room doesn’t have a window tho :'O

External image

As for restaurants and cafes, there are so many food to choose from, compared to prices in Manila, they are almost the same or cheaper (if you know were to look!) I love it that their groceries are somewhat different from the Philippinies, you can find weird stuff and many cute stuff. (like really cute stuff toys from the groceries hahaha) and not to forget their wide selection of Pockys and Pejoys * A *

External image

Also, one of the main things I like when going out, are the Uber cute cafes! You will see one in almost every street with really really cute decors! here is one I really really liked (and plan to hang out there when I start studying here)

External image

Rila cafe <3 <3 <3 * A*

Last but not the least, the view, sceneries and sunsets * A * <3 There are lots of parks here. Xiamen is a full fledged city, but it has lots of trees so, <333

External image

And of course, Taobao! XD But I won’t be going into that for now since I haven’t started my taobao shopping spree yet. hahahaha :D 


I love it here and I wouldn’t want to go back home, but it gets really lonely because all my friends are in the Philippines, so :'c I’m actually not sure where to start making friends because I’m such an awkward girl. hahahaha. Oh well, if every any of you are currently in Xiamen or living here (and don’t have anything else to do, just message me here or email me or something! =)) 

Thats about it, 'till my next post I guess! :)


Attention cat lovers: New cat museum draws crowds to Xiamen

An old street near Xiamen University has been nicknamed the “cat street,” owing to a new museum that pays homage to our feline friends.

Not only is the museum home to some 20 cats, but the street also offers plenty of attractions for kitty lovers with cat-themed stores, gifts, artworks and even a salon.

The curator of the Cat Museum, Guo Mingming, says that Xiamen, in Fujian Province, has now become China’s number one cat city.

Speaking to Sina News, he said that “the local cat culture is rapidly becoming one of the key features of the city.”