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hello! i just finished playing ff7 today and im new to the sefikura ship!!! i am all in! is there anything i should know coming into the shipdom and fandom? do you have any masterposts of stuff i should check out? im gonna stalk your sefikura tag omg ALSO!!! i dont see much fluff at first glance? WHICH PAINS ME bc the whole game all i could think about was sefikura going on a gold saucer date, or going snowboarding together or oTHER FUN STUFF LIKE THAT PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THIS EXISTS!!


Hello friend, welcome aboard! Things you need to know… hmm. Uh, well, I guess if you hang out in this corner of Tumblr with us, be prepared to regularly encounter the alphabet soup alongside a lot of Sefikura. ^^;; I hadn’t even realised until I started trying to look back for just Sefikura stuff, but man, ASGZC has infiltrated.

(If you don’t mind the addition of Zack and Genesis and Angeal alongside your Sephiroth and Cloud, there’s definitely a lot of fluff for ASGZC! Different drabbles or even different chapters within fics can focus on different pairings out of the five, so you can still find come great material for Seph and Cloud within the fivesome.)

For fic recs, definitely check out the SephCloud rec lists that @icyboots has been doing for each year! Super great place to start for reading things.

There are the awesome collab projects that Tomowowo and Boomchick did together a while ago: 2014 challengeNSFW challenge, 2015 challenge, September NSFW Challenge

I didn’t want to start reccing individual blogs on here because I’ll probably forget someone and then feel really bad about it aaaaaahhhh. orz But, uh. I’ll try and do a couple. 

(I’M HAVING A REALLY HARD TIME SEPARATING OUT THE ASGZC FROM THE SEFIKURA I’M SORRY. Pretty much everyone I know is a multishipper. >>;; Everyone on this list should post some Sefikura (unless I’m having a complete brain fart which is entirely possible) but may post other pairings too.)

Writing peoples: @modeoheim @up-sideand-down @comebackwhen @kzam-blogs @icyboots @dustofwarfare @owmyhearteries @boomchickfanfiction (not active any more but you can go back and read the awesome stuff)

This anonymous masterpiece.

Arty peoples: @satan-onii-chan @10kiaoi @tomowowowo @waifujuju @pissyeti @brighteyedinfantryman (rp and art) @xiaa @enjouturo 

I’m sure I’m forgetting a bunch that seems like nowhere near enough arty people DX (I keep thinking of others but then being like no wait they only post Clack/other pairings.)


Someone did edit a Sephiroth/Cloud Gold Saucer date

There’s probably a lot more stuff I could direct you to, but my memory’s awful and I’ll probably only think of it after I’ve posted. >>;; But anyway! Welcome to the ship, we’re glad to have you. <3


I’m so proud of Agnes. She really grew as a chara from the shy sheltered girl from the beginning of Bravely default to leading as the Pope of the Crystal Orthodoxy. She really learned how to take charge in that opening scene!! I’m sad they left her with a role to just be saved by Tiz and co in Bravely second.

But lol who else thought this at the opening scene when she basically tells Yew fuck off I’m fighting too.


Bravely Ship week day 2: Mistletoe / Gift

I was replaying bravely second and found this:


Also i never get to draw Janne crying so lol. Sorry it’s rushed.

My friend  @cloud-kitsune and me were talking about how the male spell fencers had ugly costumes, but the girls had such cute ones. Then she said I should draw Tiz in the female spell fencer. And I decided to cuz why not. And I like Yew so I drew Yew as a spell fencer XDD She’s only played Bravely Default, so I drew her Bravely Default Tiz, not Bravely second tiz.

I know that I should draw Ringabel and Janne but *runs away*

Also to be nice to the followers of my blog, I’m making a side blog to scream and reblog Bravely Default stuff because i know ppl follow me for my adorable animal reblogs and MAYBE my ff7 art. Not to mention nobody on my follow list plays bravely default lol. You can find the blog at @braevleescreaming I’ll still post art here since this is my main art blog but I’ll keep reblogs about bravely default there I guess ><

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Have you ever thought about drawing some tiznes bc your art is so pretty and I'm starving

Ok I’ll be frank, I’m not the best artist to ask for requests because they stress me the fuck out I still haven’t been able to come up with anything for the EdeaxAgnes asker and I think they hate me for not drawing anything. =(  But You’re in luck I came up with this comic this morning and it has a little bit of TizxAgnes.


The prompt was Cloud enters Shinra instead of as a grunt, but as a cook and becomes the best cook in shinra.

But because I’m terrible, I made a Ratatouille / Spongebob crossover AU thing. You can read the pic captions if you wanna click.

Sorry for being the worst secret santa person ever. I have to go on a vacation for the next two weeks and I thought better early than late :( Maybe I can put together a real illustration when i get back.