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Final Fantasy In A Nutshell
  • Final Fantasy I - Four Heroes Break A Time Loop
  • Final Fantasy II - Star Wars Where The Emperor Dies And Then Comes Back As The Devil And Then Dies Again And Then Comes Back As God And Then Gets Killed By Obi-wan
  • Final Fantasy III - Four Orphans Fight A Man Who Threw A Hissy Fit Over His Inheritance
  • Final Fantasy IV - Star Wars But The Emperor Is  A Space Ghost On The Moon
  • Final Fantasy V - Evil Giving Tree And His Gay Lover Fight A Confused Harem Protagonist And His Princesses
  • Final Fantasy VI - Star Wars But The Emperor Is Killed And Replaced By The Joker Halfway Through, Racism is Bad
  • Final Fantasy VII - Eco-terrorists Recruit Man With Padded Resume, Discover Corporate Greed Has Caused Giant Meteor To Be Elected, Hold Recount
  • Final Fantasy VIII - A Group of Cadets Find Out They All Lived At The Same Orphanage: Amnesia To Blame, Lead May Be Dead
  • Final Fantasy IX - Star Wars But The Main Characters Are Either Clones Or Princesses
  • Final Fantasy X - Daddy Issues, the Real Sports Story, With Special Guest Christian Guilt Complex
  • Final Fantasy XI - Giraffe And Friends Stop The Writer From Erasing This Game
  • Final Fantasy XII - Star Wars But Half The Bad Guys Aren’t Actually That Bad.  Except Judge Bergan, That Guy Is A Dick
  • Final Fantasy XIII - Being The Chosen One Will Kill Your Dating Life
  • Final Fantasy XIV - Heroes Saved The World From Bad Gameplay, Bugs
  • Final Fantasy XV - A Bachelor Party Goes Very Badly

Clean Dissidia Final Fantasy NT key visual.


For the past thirty years Final Fantasy has given much to us all: stories we love, characters that inspire us, unbreakable bonds, and fantastical worlds we can escape to. We all have a special place for Final Fantasy in our hearts. Since the release of the original Final Fantasy in 1987, the beloved series has expanded across fifteen main installments, sequels, spin-offs, films, novels, manga, and much more.

So, inspired by the 30th anniversary and the love that we have for this series, we have decided to launch a fan project to express our admiration for Final Fantasy and to say ‘thank you’ to all that have made it possible. Also, after the overwhelming response to the Final Fantasy XV fan project, we are driven to make this bigger and better than ever. There are different ways to participate so everyone can find something they are excited about and comfortable with: a fanbook for art, messages, cosplay, and photos; a poster encompassing characters across the series; and the option to send in fan gifts.

Final Fantasy has shaped and changed our lives in so many ways, so help us mark the anniversary and participate in this celebration of everything Final Fantasy.


Join the project today!

Easy-to-Understand houses in planets

House I - talks about your ego and how you project your image to the world. People say this is your social mask but what we present to the world is strongly related with our perceptions of the world and personal values, so don’t take this as fakeness. This is more you than you expect. Is related with the boldness of Aries.

House II - talks about your wealth and resources, surviving and the material world. Also about heritage, or lack of it, and how you will deal with money. Is related with the abundance of Taurus.

House III - talks about communication. How we make boundaries and our relationships - in terms of socializing with people, friends, family. To relate with others we must communicate so this is also about studies and education, basic learning and learning through others. Is related with the discourse of Gemini.

House IV - talks about family. How you deal with emotional stress at home, your relationships with relatives, memories of the past and family traumas. Also talks how you deal with the mother figure of your life. Is related with the caring nature of Cancer.

House V - talks about creation. It can be future projects, work, children, what makes you be who you are through what you do in life, what you build. This is working with passion and impulse of wanting to express and to be seen. Is related with the performer nature of Leo.

House VI - talks about work, professional image and career. It can be your work environment or your dream work, or how you deal with responsibilities and pressure of criticism. While house V is about creating with the heart, house VI is creating with the mind, doing the cruel work of availing and judging with perfectionism. Is related with the sharpness of Virgo.

House VII - talks about love and romantic partnership. What you’re looking for in a romance, what makes you feel attracted, what makes your mind blow and your feelings boil, and how you deal with these passionate emotions. Love usually brings balance to our life, so is also about personal equilibrium. Is related with the seductiveness of Libra.

House VIII - talks about life changes. It is a fatal house of development in life: can be through falling in love, experiencing sex, facing death, going through sickness, getting out of the teenage years and into the adult world, learning through traumas and hardships. Dealing with sudden changes and overcoming them to get the reward. Is related with the intense nature of Scorpio.

House IX - talks about wisdom, moral and ethics, and also your beliefs. It can be about your faith, which religious path you will follow, how you will deal with it. While house III is about knowledge and communicating, IX is about knowledge and reflecting. To learn one must be open to new ideas, so this can also be about traveling to meet new cultures, or going through studies like college and post graduations. Maybe all. Is related with the expansive nature of Sagittarius.

House X - talks about social position. This is about nobility, family pride and social power. Not necessarily about finances, like the house II, or work, like the house VI, but about being in charge of a leadership, or a very important role. Also about your relationship with your father figure, leaders and bosses, and how you deal with authorities and hierarchy. Since all these things are related with “successful” roles, this house also shows how you deal with difficulties and failures in your life. Is related with the ambitious nature of Capricorn.

House XI - talks about your place in society. Unlike house X that looks after power, this house is about what you do of remarkable in your society, in your groups, to make it better - or if you run from it if everything feels overwhelmingly wrong. Is about social development, and how you deal with and solve social problems, and everything that “upgrades” our present and build a better place. Is related with the inventive nature of Aquarius.

House XII - talks about your dreams and unconscious. This is how you imagine things to survive the cruelty of the world. Like the house XI this is a place for upgrades, but while the XI is about the collective, the XII is about the individual. They say what you think becomes real, and in this case is how you deal with your inner hopes and fears, expectations and rancors, and how they influence your life. Also talks about remarkable moments of joy and traumas that unconsciously shapes you, and if you use this to inspire or destroy yourself and others. Also your relation with places where you deal with your shadow self for recovery, karma payment, or escapism: prisons, therapy houses and rehab centers, or online games. If you believe in past life, this is about the karmas you’re paying from them. Is related with the romanticism of Pisces.

Official age chart from Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

No, Sephiroth is not 20. He is 20something, meaning: 21 - 29. (29 years seems the most logical because Vincent went to sleep 30 years ago in Final Fantasy VII).

                       KAI PARKER FLUFF -

  •  [masterlist smut]  •

•  Best Friends
(After the merge with Luke and Jo’s wedding. Kai never goes to Hell.)
Kai & Reader have feelings for each other but none of them would admit it , Kai doesn’t even know what those feelings mean yet.

•  I Missed That Smile
Reader breaks up with her boyfriend and Kai is there for her , in a way she didn’t expect.

•  Say Something - Part II
Kai and Reader are in a relationship ; One night Reader sees Kai kissing someone else at the Grill and shuts him out , but he is determined to get her forgiveness

•  Little Sister (ft. Damon / Stefan Salvatore)
Damon hurts reader when his humanity is off and Kai comforts her.

•  Midnight Visits
After 6.22 / Elena and Jeremy have a cousin (reader) who is a witch, currently living with them (more like with Jeremy since Elena is currently taking a magical nap)   Kai has feelings for Reader but doesn’t know how to tell her so he sneaks into her room just to watch her sleep.

•  Heights
Kai takes Reader on surprise walk in the forest (with an even more surprising end

•  An Old Friend (ft. Kol Mikaelson / Rebekah Mikaelson)
(After TVD 8.16 and right after TO 4.02)
Kai and Reader are having fun at the Mystic Grill when some old friends of Reader show up. Kai gets jealous and …

Reader and Kai have a fight , Kai ending up scaring Reader like never before.

•  Twins
Kai kidnaps Elena’s twin sister thinking she is Elena so he can practice magic on her.

•  Meet The Parents - Part II
AU :Klaus is still a hybrid , Caroline is born from a werewolf bloodline and they have a child together. Caroline dies in childbirth breaking Klaus’ heart but just when everyone think she is dead , Caroline wakes up and they realise that she had died with the baby’s blood (who has Klaus’ vampire blood) in her system. Later on she turns into a vampire.  Years go by and Reader grows up into a young woman.
After Kai gets out of the Prison world , he meets Reader and falls in love with her.  

•  Thanksgiving
Reader and Kai celebrate Thanksgiving in the Prison World.

•  Family  (Bonkai)
Bonnie and Kai are a couple , its been a few years since they had gotten together and now … someone has a surprise ;)

•  Give Me A Chance (Bonkai)
(after Damon leaves 1994) Kai has feelings for Bonnie and she has some feelings for him too , but she keeps trying to deny them.

•  Switch  (Bonkai)
Bonnie and Kai do a spell , ending up switching bodies accidentally.

•  Come Back
Kai is being distant and reader moves away ; When Kai finds out he goes to find her , begging her to come back.)

Back From Hell
Reader is a witch and a friend of Kai. She helps him get out of Hell and control his vampirism because she is in love with him.

Kai falls in love with Reader who has no idea about his past.
Kai’s father kidnaps reader to hurt him.

It’s Reader’s birthday and Kai has a surprise …

•  Making You Laugh
Reader has to ‘babysit’ Kai all day so he doesn’t do something stupid and Kai spends the entire day trying to get Reader to laugh…

•  Hold On
Both Kai and Reader have feelings for each other but none of them is willing to admit it to the other until Reader gets injured.

•  Friends
Reader is a witch and her friends try to hide her existence from Kai , but he finds out about her and shows up unannounced at her house.

•  Magic
Reader is a witch who lost all her power , Kai comforts her and tries to help get her power back

•  I’ll Be There For You
Reader has suffered a loss and Kai is there for her when she had pushed everyone else away.

•  You’ll Never Be Alone
story begins before the merge , when Kai moves in reader’s apartment building , the second half of the story happens after the merge

•  It Hurts Like Hell - Part II - Part III - Part IV - Part V -
  - Part VI - Part VII  - Part VIII  - Part IX - Part X - Part XI - Part XII  

                                                (parts VII , VIII and XI contain smut)
Kai kidnaps reader to force the MF gang to give him the 1994 Ascendant.

Scary Movies
Kai and Reader are best friends , but both of them are keeping something from the other

Kai shows up in the middle of the night at reader’s house and they go to see a passing comet.

(takes place after 6.22 where nothing happens to Kai except him turning into a heretic)
Reader and Kai are best friends , but both are keeping a secret from the other

Just Breath
Y/N and Kai ‘borrow’ Damon’s car for a ride.

Don’t Let Me Go
Kai and Reader break up and Reader tried to go on with her life even tho she is hurting. Months later she goes out on a date with someone who she thinks is the ideal guy , but things do not work out quite as she had hoped …

reader is sick and kai takes care of her

Frenemies - Part II - Part III - Part IV - Part V - Part VI - (on going)
Reader finds herself in the Prison World with Kai and things are kind of … friendly-ish.

Where Do We Go From Here ?
Reader and Kai get out of the prison world and he is worried she will leave him

First Kiss  - Part II (contains smut)
Reader saves Kai’s life and he can’t stop thinking about her afterwards.

Kai is out of town for a few days and when he comes back he finds Reader having a nightmare.

Coffee [slight smut]
Kai is summoned at the Salvatore Boarding house by Damon , but Reader is also there and Kai has some feelings for her , unsure what they are.

Little Things
Reader has a bad social anxiety and Kai helps her out of her shell.

In Secret
AU /
Reader is a heretic and the Mikaelson’s little sister. Reader and Kai are dating in secret.

Kai comes back from Hell and finds out he is a father.

Fearless - Part II - Part III - Part IV - Part V - Part VI (on going)
Kai and Reader meet in NYC during the summer vacation. He falls in love with her but never tells her , and he is even more surprised at the end when he figures out who she really is.

War of Hearts - Part II - Part III  - Part IV - Part V - Part VI [smut] - Part VII
Reader is a Trybrid (witch , werewolf and vampire) and very close with Klaus (like a daughter to him). She ends up in the Prison World where Kai is accidentally , trying to help a friend.  (ft. Kol Mikaelson)

Reader and Kai are dating. One day she passes out and nothing Kai tries heals her / wake her up so he brings her to Jo.

Y/N and Kai are dating and one day he sees her in the arms of another.  (or so he thinks)

Reader and Kai live together ; Reader has feelings for him and one day Kai brings home a girl.

Not Going Through This Alone
Reader goes to the dentist and Kai is there to support her.

Elena’s Little Sister
Reader is Elena’s little sister ; Kai and Reader are dating and Elena finds out. (plot change : Kai never links Bonnie and Elena together , but still turns into a vampire hybrid)

Kiss Me
Reader gets out Kai of the new Prison World.

Daydream - (working on chapter two)
Reader has a crush on Kai , and Kai has some feelings for her but he doesn’t understand what they are and later on he finds out Reader is different than any other girl he has ever set eyes on.

Baby Sister - Part II
Reader is Kai’s little sister , also a siphoner. She is about 4-5 years old when Kai gets send in the Prison World and 18 years later they reunite.

Monthly Troubles [slight smut]
Reader is on her period and Kai is trying to be cute which only ends up annoying her but she is too shy to tell him whats happening , but he figures it out on his own.

Little Witch
Reader (a witch) and Kai work together on a spell and Kai is in love with the reader but he doesn’t understand his feelings.

Don’t Forget - Part II
Reader goes back to Mystic Falls for Tyler’s funeral and returns home to Kai , finding a very unexpected scene happening in their living room.

Our Daughter - Part II
Reader and Kai have a child together.

You Came After Me
Reader goes searching for Kai in the woods during full moon.

Kai tells Reader about the events happening at Mystic Falls and Reader gets jealous.

I See The Light
(based on the song ‘I See The Light’ from Tangled) // events begin a little before the Jolaric wedding and continue after that.

Reader and Kai are friends and go together to celebrate Thanksgiving at the Salvatore’s house.

•  Admit It
Reader has a crush on Kai but its too afraid / shy to tell him.

•  Little Gilbert
Reader is Elena’s little sister and the Salvatore’s are over protective of her. Kai ends up staying at the Salvatore’s over night and sneaks into her room.

•  Heretics
Reader is a heretic and gets sent to the (new) Prison World with Kai.

•    One More Chance
Reader has feelings for Kai and tells him but he rejects her which leads her to become a vampire and turn off her humanity just as Kai comes back a new person after the merge.


•     Back Together
Reader and Kai have loved each other before he got sent to Hell and when he comes back they meet again.

•     The Heart Wants What It Wants
based on the song ’ The Heart Wants What It Wants’ by Selena Gomez.

•     Too Long To Realise [possible triggers]
Reader is hopelessly in love with Kai and confesses her feelings but he rejects her. Later on however things change …

•     Stolen Kisses - (part two coming soon)
(20 years into the future) Reader is the daughter of Kol and Davina and Kai is a teacher at Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted.

•    I Believe In You
Kai fights the siren’s mind control because of his feelings for Reader.

•    Our Little Family
Kai finds Reader (who is pregnant) bleeding (way down there) in an alley after her boyfriend left her there.

•    You Have Me [possible triggers]
Reader has lost her brother and tries to take her life / Kai comforts her.

•    No Vacancy
based on the song ‘No Vacancy’ by One Republic

•    Birds & Bees
Kai and Reader’s five year old daughter has a couple of questions , making both her parents freak out a little.

•    Happier
based on the song ‘Happier’ by Ed Sheeran

•    Believer
based on the song ‘Believer’ by Imagine Dragons

•    Remember Me
Kai comes back from Hell but his reunion with Reader doesn’t go like he had expected.

•    You Die, I Die -Part II
The MF gang is facing an old enemy, who has a grudge against Reader. Kai, who is her best friend, is there with her when things go sideways.

•    Should’ve Kissed You
(sort of) based on the song ‘I Should’ve Kissed You’ by One Direction

•    Dream Catcher
Reader and Kai are best friends, though after the wedding Kai’s emotions towards her got heightened. One night, while he is on his way to her house, he hears her scream and … 

•    Magic Lessons
a sequel to ‘Friends’

•     I’ll Never Forget You - Part II
Reader is sent in the 1994 PW with Kai. [fluff+angst]

•     I’ll Be Good
based on the song ‘I’ll Be Good’ by James Young

•     No Humanity
Reader turns off her humanity and acts like she doesn’t care about Kai.

•     History
Reader finds about Kai’s past from someone else. (before the wedding and the 1903 PW)

•     Do You Remember ? 
Kai and Reader break up and their post break up relationship is rocky until they find a way back to each other.

•     Lost -Part II - Part III - Part IV (that’s not the end of the story, it will be continued 😉)  
Kai is trapped at the Armoury when he gets a surprise visitor. angst / dad!kai feels 

•    Sparks

Reader (aka ‘crazy vampire’) is called back to town by the Salvatore’s to help them deal with their Heretic problem where she meets Kai.  

•    Smile
Reader is feeling down and Kai cheers her up.

•    Frozen in Time
After May 9th 1994, Reader – Kai’s cousin and his only friend, is frozen with a spell by his father to use as leverage in case he ever got out of the Prison World.

•    Loved
Reader’s parents are giving her hard time /treating her like trash and Kai makes her feel better/loved.

•    A Bird In A Gilded Cage - (Part II coming soon 😉)
Reader (has dreams/feelings about the future) tags along with Kai on the trip to the 1903 Prison World.

•    Truth or Dare
Reader and Kai both live in at the Salvatore Boarding House and he keeps playing pranks on her, specially when her friends are around, and one night after a get-together they play ‘Truth or Dare’ until somehow every turn starts involving the two of them.

Las casas:

Las casas representan los diferentes aspectos de la vida de una persona. Hay doce casas y cada una corresponde a un signo:

Las casas I, V y IX simbolizan la individualidad y pertenecen al elemento fuego;

-Casa I: Aries.

-Casa V: Leo.

-Casa IX: Sagitario.

Las casas II, VI, y X simbolizan la vida material y concreta y pertenecen al elemento tierra;

-Casa II: Tauro.

-Casa VI: Virgo.

-Casa X: Capricornio.

Las casas III, VII Y XI simbolizan la comunicación y la unión y pertenecen al elemento aire;

-Casa III: Geminis.

-Casa VII: Libra.

-Casa XI: Acuario.

Las casas IV, VIII Y XII simbolizan lo inconsciente y pertenecen al elemento agua;

-Casa IV: Cancer. 

-Casa VIII: Escorpio. 

-Casa XII: Piscis.

La casa I representa la personalidad del individuo. 

La casa II representa el mundo material. 

La casa III simboliza el mundo familiar compuesto por hermanos y hermanas, el estudio y el aprendizaje.

La casa IV simboliza la familia compuesta por los padres y la influencia de estos en el individuo.

La casa V simboliza el amor, los hijos, la vida sexual y espiritual.

La casa VI representa el mundo del trabajo y la salud física.

La casa VII simboliza el matrimonio y la lucha. 

La casa VIII representa la muerte y las herencias.

La casa IX representa el crecimiento personal. 

La casa X simboliza el amor propio.

La casa XI representa la amistad y las relaciones humanas.

La casa XII representa la concentración en el “yo” interior.

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ezt hótziher, h senki nem fogja reblogolni a perszonál tumblijára, mert tldr, de azért olvassátok el legalább a lényeget, pls


most az van, hogy tegnap a műszakom kétharmadánál kikristályosodott, h kettéáll az összes faszom az álomgyilkos diákmunkahelyemtől, ahol még a gondosan ápolt arcbőröm is rommá szárad, szal egy csicskítási kísérlet közepén hátat fordítottam a gyász feletteseimnek, és hazalibbentem (elég sokba fog kerülni nekem ez a gesztus, de kurvára megérte, Django unchained, meg minden <– kicsit sem irónia, sztem tényleg epic voltam).
- nincs munkám (egy-két héten belül tuti lesz másik, szal ez nem akkora para, csak vszeg kevesebbet fogok keresni vmivel)
- bekövetett vagy 30 tumblis, egyik sem ajánlott lakást, viszont majdnem mind pali, aki jobbára alulöltözött nőket, meg kúrósgifeket reblogol (<– nem jártok jól ezzel. Ugyan default imádok kavarászni ((I’m a proud slut)), momentán a túl sok stressz miatt nem érzek rá késztetést, a komolyabb aspirációkhoz meg csak annyit, h az intimitás praktikusan kb. azt jelenti nekem, h közvetett módon ritkítom a hajhagymáidat <– lassan és módszeresen kikészítelek a görcsös ragaszkodásommal, és gyerekes bosszút állok rajtad, ha emiatt, vagy bármi másért kiszeretsz belőlem, rotflmao :ccc. Plusz am. is, kamaszos impulzivitás, meg céltalanság, meg örökké halogatott diploma ide vagy oda, mégiscsak egy 25 éves, kiaszott szipirtyó vagyok, már rég nem rózsaszín a hüvelyfalam)
- ennek ellenére átmenetileg lett szállásom egy gecidrága diákszállón, ahol havi ötvenezret kell fizetnem 1 db gyűszűnyi szobáért, amin 1 db random vadidegennel osztozom (hétfőn költözöm, kíváncsi vagyok, milyen lesz az a vadidegen), ez ilyen modus vivendinek tök jó arra, h megszabaduljak a toxikus családomtól (!szaftos magánéleti infó!), de hosszabb távon nem tervezek ott ragadni
- éppen ezért még mnidig kurvára kéne vmi nyugis, megfizethető lebensraum  (ahol világra hozhatom a szakdolgozatomat, tudok békésen tanulni, készülni a terepgyaxymra, kicsiny testem súlyát gyarapítani, olvasni a hülye könyveimet, kalandozni a Krémmánián, összevásárolni neten mindenféle szirszart,meg ilyenek), az alábbi, módosult feltételekkel:
- Bp, II., XII., I., IX., V., VI., VII., VIII., XI. kerületek valamelyikében legyen
- mindennel együtt max 50 000 Ft-ot kelljen érte fizetnem 
- ne legyen kikúrt deprimáló a lakókörnyezet
- szobatárs nem zavar, ha nincs O bagje és tudunk egymás mellett harmonikusan létezni, mert gondolom külön szobára ennyiért esélyem sincs
- január 1-től tudnék költözni

Szal ha bárki tud bármit, szóljon,
köszike előre is :*