xi region


XI Región de Aysén - Chile

  1. Golfo de Corcovado
  2. Península del Taitao
  3. Archipiélago de los Chonos
  4. Archipiélago de las Guaitecas
  5. Istmo de Ofqui
  6. Golfo de Penas
  7. Bahía Tarn
  8. Archipiélago Wellington
  9. Cordillera Sarmiento
  10. R.N. Katalalixar

My name is An An. I was born in Sept 27, 2013 my weight is 146g when I was born. Although I am a female panda with bad temper, I am very timid especially when I hear noise then I will hide away. The most of my time is bred by my mother, Zhu Zhu,but I have to be received hand-rearing by breeders. The meaning of Qin Qin and mine is that people hope us to bring peace to the Shan Xi region.