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Star Wars Rant Along: TFA EDITION! (Chapter XI)

Alright! So yet again it’s time for another Star Wars Rant Along: TFA EDITION! Like last week, I’m doing this week’s rant sober because it’s important. It’s the chapter where that line is said. For those of you who are wondering what I’m doing with this, basically I’m reading through the TFA novelization chapter by chapter, and making a running/ranting commentary on it. You can find my full explanation on this thing here. For prior TFA rants, click on the links below. My state of inebriation is in brackets next to each one, to give you an example of what to expect.

Alright, lets get the party started. And it is a party this week. Basically all the characters make an appearance, and I have a lot to say about that.

TFA CHAPTER XI (In which Kylo Ren has a tortured mien)

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  • Last week: we met up with Leia who apparently has a thing for droids. Hux and Ren made a fantastic team. Poe escaped Jakku, Han acted like the wise-cracking, erstwhile father Rey’s never had (sans dad jokes), and everyone took a one-way ride to Takodana.
  • This week: the crew lands on Takodana. Maz stakes her claim on the Wookiee, and shit is rushed. ADF waxes poetic about Kylo’s hair, Kylo waxes poetic about his granddaddy. Ashgate makes an appearance. Finn decides to get the fuck out of dodge, Rey is upset, and someone “blesses” us with a surprise entrance.

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Livebloggin’ (itching with anticipation, too)

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