Look, all the prompts I've written! (Updated 7th May 2016)

[05/07/2016 - Apparently there’s only so many links you can put in a post. I tried to add the challenges and bingos I have participated it and that was what broke it. It only took me a week or so of panistankingly relinking all my prompts to figure it out. Go ahead, you can laugh. I feel stupid too.]

I was planning to make this into a sidebar, but I suck, so here, have a masterpost with all the prompts I’ve written. I’ll try to keep it updated as I write more, but the idea is to have them all in one place so we can find them when looking for them. If you send me a prompt and you missed it, it’s probably here somewhere.

  • Megstiel.

Accidental Roommates AU: x x x

Actors AU: x x

Bad YA Novel AU: x

Camp Counselors AU: x x

Canon Divergence AU: x x x x

Castle AU: x x x x

Chance Encounter: x

Christmas prompts: x x x x x x

College AUs: x x x x x x x

College Professors AU: x x x x

Crazy!Cas & Nurse Masters: x x x x

Cured!Meg AU: x

Dancers AU: x x x

Date on a Bet AU: x x

Deaged!Cas&Meg: x x x x x x x x x x x [Long Fic Part 1] [Long Fic Part 2]

Divorced Parents AU: x x x

Endverse AU: x x

Fairytale AUs: x

Future Parents AU: x x

God ships it AU: x x

High School AUs: x x x x x x x x

Hogwarts AU: x x x x

Human AUs (part 1): x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x xx x

Human AUs (part 2): x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x xx x

Human AUs (part 3): x

Hunger Games AU: x

Hunters AU: x x x x

Law School AU: x x x [Long Fic]

Married For Science AU: x x x x

Married For The Tuiton AU: x x

Medieval AUs: x x x x x

Mythological AUs: x x x x

Outer Space AU: x

Pirates AU: x x

Proposals and Weddings AUs: x x x x

Reverse AU: x x x x x

Strip Club AU: x [Long Fic]

Western AU: x x

  • Chestervelle

Babysitter AU: x x x x [Long Fic]

Hunters Life: x x x x x x x

Normal Lives AUs: x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Military AU: x x

Stuck in The Airport AU: x x

  • Chestervelle + Megstielx
  • Random pairings/Non Pairing/OT3

Bobby x Ellen: x

Cartinelli: x

Castiel x Misha: x

Clara x Clara: x

Crowley x Reader: x

Dean x Benny: x x

Doctor x Rose: x

Emma the Teenaged Amazon: x

Hannah x Kim: x

Harry x Ginny: x x

Harry Potter Next Gen: x

Lucifer x Anna: x

Mary x Azazel: x

Meanx x x

Meanstiel: x

Sasters: x

Sterek: x

Steve x Peggy x Bucky: x