things on kristyn's mind: monday morning edition
  • ate decently yesterday. under calorie limit. and then drank a bunch of beer in the back of a pickup behind a church. now can only eat coffee and nonfat yogurt and raw veggies or i’ll die.
  • can the male species please start like a facebook group or something so that they can coordinate and not go for the same girl at the same time and cause lots and lots of confusion ok thanks.
  • muni can suck my dick.
  • i’ve missed two calls from work in the past four days because the microphone on my phone doesn’t work. i hear them, they don’t hear me, they hang up and i miss the chance to cover a shift. last friday the guy said i had to get a new phone mailed to me and no they do not offer overnight. FUCK YOU AT&T.
  • i miss my kristin.
  • i need to pay rent and pay my roommate for comcast and pay her back to tickets to the neil gaiman/amanda palmer thing and buy a longboard and get my bike fixed and get my new tattoo and buy coffee and pay for gas to get to the wedding in two weeks and buy clothes and get new shoes and go grocery shopping and…