The Director’s Cut ending of Fight Club really answers a lot of questions and is a must watch for true fans.

anonymous asked:

XFL 30 for 30 on ESPN. Any interest there? Is the Denny's Atari making any progress?

I’m increasingly certain that the Denny’s Atari is dead. The Android TV-like thing inside of it doesn’t spit out any video signal at all.

Today I:
-Did not leave the house
-Watched Tottenham play like fucking toddlers against Liverpool, which I am still mad about
-Read? A book? And my guilt backlog of comics? What?
-Watched the ESPN 30 for 30 about the XFL because when I was 11 I fucking LOVED the XFL (also I love 30 for 30 so goddamn much and love sports docs in general)
-Watched 3 episodes of the People vs OJ
-Indulged in my favorite time of the week, which is Top Chef time
-Downloaded so much from Sophie’s Floorboard because I am a bad person
-Backed up my computer like a responsible adult!

Today was not a bad day. It might’ve actually been a good day??

“I got 20 kills and 3 deaths”

Good for you!  I’ve got a nice cold can of black cherry citrus Fresca in my hand and a XFL football from 2000 (signed by nobody so it’s nice and clean) mounted above my personal bar that I drink at every day.


The P-39 Appreciation Post

The P-39 Airacobra was supplied to all major members of the allies, including France. The P-39 was an unusual aircraft; one of the first for having landing gear inside the nose, the engine was moved to the middle of the aircraft and the propeller was operated using a long shaft like seen here:

 Armed with two 50 caliber machine guns, two 30 caliber machine guns and a 37mm cannon, the P-39 was a worthy adversary to just about any air or ground target at the time of it’s introduction. 9,588 aircraft were manufactured between 1940 to 1944. Variants include The P-63 King Cobra, The XFL Airabonita, and the P-400.

Full confession: “I don’t understand what the big deal is with Eva Marie wanting to cross over into other forms of entertainment.Like the WWE company doesn’t try and fail miserably to do that itself all the time.Hello XFL, Tough Enough,WWE Studios,free WWE network every other month.No one bitched when Summer was in the Marine 4.No one bitched when Lana took off and did a movie.Neither one of them would have what you would call a long or successful WRESTLING career yet. [Although Lana is arguably more over than any 5 divas combined right now] Hell even if you keep it in the stupid universe of just Total Divas.Nikki Bella took her wine bottles on a world tour of trying to get into other forms of entertainment and considered leaving wrestling for it. Alicia Fox was on a Syfy tv show [ha ha]. Brie Bella probably would try to branch out too if she wasn’t Madea level bad at acting.I think the time has come for some to sit all the way on the damn floor.”