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tabloid trash ficlet

an: This is far from a full chapter, really just a snippet of the story, but this is all my brain would come up with today so I’m posting it anyway. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Filming begins on the final installment of the Tall Tales series with new additions Captain Hook and Maleficent. Will these villians play larger part in the story than previously thought? Though the cast and crew remain tight lipped on the details, here are our theories on what Hook and Maleficent have in store for our favorite leading woman.

She shouldn’t be here - she should be home, resting, before she starts shooting for the movie tomorrow, but for some reason here she is, standing next to the gaffer as they go over the blocking for the scene with Jones. 

The fact that they’re shooting his introductory scene as the first scene of the movie is a little surprising - it’s the most in order she’s ever seen a shoot go, even though the actual shot itself is meant to be about ten minutes into the movie. She thinks maybe everyone just wants to get this scene down - it’s kind of the setting off point of the rest of the action for the movie, and she guesses it makes sense to have it in the bag right off the bat. 

 She shouldn’t be here. There’s literally no reason for her to be. And yet…here she is, watching the crew finish set up while Jones paces in the corner, going over lines for probably the twentieth time since she sleuthed her way onto set to watch filming. 

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