David: Well, that scene in the rain, oh god, that was awful.

Gillian: That was awful. It was like 4 o’clock in the morning. It was forest rain, too, wasn’t it. It was just take, after take, after take.

David: You don’t like the rain, do you?

Gillian: It was freezing. It was really cold.

David: It was hard.

Gillian: And our lips. We couldn’t talk. We couldn’t talk cause our lips were frozen. But literally frozen. We were laughing.

David: We didn’t know what we were doing. We didn’t know what we were saying.

David & Gillian: Who is Billy Miles?

Gillian Anderson is 007. I saw the buzz this week about GA campaigning to be the next James Bond so I created this design featuring her as the iconic spy in the classic 1960′s Bond poster style. Like what you see? Purchase a print right here!


The Truth Is Out There and, little did we know, the truth tastes a lot like cow’s milk, cows that have been abducted by UFOs. Kyrgyzstan-based design agency Imedia Creative Bureau created this awesome packaging design concept for Molocow milk. The glass milk bottles are shaped like tractor beams and capped by silver UFOs screw-caps. The bottles are labeled with the silhouette of a cow being pulled up into the UFO. We want to believe.

[via Foodiggity]