X Files Halloween Challenge: Day 31.

Word theme - Halloween.

Field Trip.

Ok, so X Files never actually did a Halloween episode. Field Trip was just the first episode that came to mind which contains some wacky stuff we haven’t quite covered in the rest of this challenge. I mean, everyone loves a good hallucination. Not knowing what’s real and what’s not? Ace. Yeah, we kinda just went there with the nightmare stuff on day 30, but still. Not being able to trust your own mind is about as scary as things get.

X Files Halloween Challenge: Day 30.

Word theme - nightmare.

Sleepless / Via Negativa.

Gotta love people messing with your head, making you see things, killing you with their mind (or yours). Afraid to fall asleep? Good times. Incapable of sleeping? Also fun (and doesn’t even make you psychotic or anything). Did I mention the killing?