xfactor aiden grimshaw

Here’s to the night 

Pairing:Louis Tomlinson/Aiden Grimshaw

“You don’t think I haven’t noticed the way he looks at you. The way you BOTH look at each other? I’m not dumb Lou, I know what’s going to happen.”

Louis sniffs again, hiding his wet face against Aiden’s white button up, he wants to deny it but he can’t. He can already feel the light fluttering in his stomach when he looks at his friend turning into something more, something powerful.  

So instead of fighting Aiden on it and try to convince him of a lie they both already know about, he does what his heart and body tell him to. He pushes up on to his tip toes and kisses Aiden with all he has, “But that’s not now. Right now I’m all yours.”

or the night Aiden gets eliminated Louis gives him something to remember him by

For the lovely Anna who always inspires me to write more!!!