xfactor 13


List of things why I love narry.

1) they are both idiots.
2) they are adorable.
3) they are both the youngest In the band.
4) Niall mostly seems to be in Harry’s vine video.
5) narry interviews are funniest as shit especially where Niall calls harry an idiot.
6) I like the fact how Niall is the only person who kinda laughs when harry tells a lame joke while the rest of the bits is just like ‘harry dude no just go away that wasn’t funny dude’
7) narry ballroom dancing.
8) narry drunk selfies
10) narry hugs are the best.
11) narry banter between them two is hot as hell (such a turn on lmao)
12) I like the fact that harry stayed over Niall’s house a week around xfactor days.
13) narry went on cam shirtless (again back In xfactor days)
12) they get on well with each other.
13) narry golf dates
14) narry laughs are adorable.
15) through out the years (except in December) narry are the only ones single in the band

Basically I would name more but I could go on forever but I’m just stating the stuff I love about narry.

Narry is the best Otp okay.