Canaan Ethiopian Absorption Center, Safed, Israel, June 29, 2016


This ENTIRE story is in code because why not? Besides it’s a journal 3 spoiler (kinda, some of you might know it already, kinda minor I suppose). The only reason I know any of this is because I’m nosy (decoded most of the coded spoilers I’ve seen) and I read the first 59 pages while waiting for mine to come in. You’re a smart bunch, you’ll be able to figure it out.

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It could be like a documentary/reality tv show about starting a band I guess

That’s most likely what it would be if that’s what’s happening.

And as for Simon saying that it’s “original”, he said XF was original too as opposed to a blatant rip-off of Simon Fuller’s shows. To him, that it hasn’t been done in 15 years is the HEIGHT of original thinking.

Haifa, Israel, July 1, 2016

in honor of the x files airing tonight  i need every straight girl on this earth to dump their boyfriend. There’s no use. after you see dana katherine scully you’re a goner just dump him 

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Cris, 'UK reality TV rarely come to the US'?? Pop Idol, which became American Idol, The XF, Britains Got Talent -> AGT, The Apprentice, The Great British Bake Off, Masterchef, Strictly Come Dancing, Castaway etc etc. The Uk invented reality TV and many if not most of the shows you have started with us... We should be ashamed frankly.

I mean directly.  The US copies UK shows all the time with no shame, but very few are aired in the original format with the same cast.

The biggest surprise when you first reviewed for the first time?

DD: I found that Gillian wrote two science fiction thriller books. I did not know, she had never told me!

GA: “He” is because I have found that David wrote a book, entitled  Holy Cow: A Modern-Day Dairy This . Beautiful, the story of Elsie, a cow, which together with a turkey and a pig, after being shocked by a documentary about meat, they decide to run away from a farm. I enjoyed it a lot.

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