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I consider this tweet 1 of the MOST important tweets since the hiatus ! .. Do u know what it means that Louis “Wasnt sure about doing smt by his own ?” do u understand that he had “lack of self esteem/confidence” before jho released ?!!!

-Do u remember what made Louis unique & media attention more than Ot3 since the hiatus? Unfortunately “babygate”& syco/simon shows & projects

-Pls dont missunderstand me , I am 100% know that Louis hates babygate and was obligated to participate in it ..But How? How syco convinced him thats ok to be a fake dad ?? , Cuz they made him feel that “HE CANT DO ANYTHING BY HIS OWN"😡he is not like Ot3 specially Liam&Harry, and they did the same with Niall and the modest golf 😑…they told Louis that stunting with fake gf and baby scandal plus using him in syco & simon’ projects as “XF judging,the label and girl band,AGT” are his savers !!

○They made him think that he is the one needs syco/simon but The reality is that syco/simon are the ones who NEED Louis’ name for their projects ! 😠

- Who remember the weekly paps and articles about Louis since the hiatus ?!! We all were like “WHY”… & what was the main issue goes arounds him that let all the media TMZ,DM,THE SUN…ect talk abt him and wrote headlines everyday? its BABYGATE 💩..syco’ stunts

●Do u know now why syco/simon HATES Just Hold On and not helping Louis AT ALL on his own project ? Cuz its not related to their ugly stunts .. Its not related to their other clients (thats why they forced james arthur and Lauren on @steveaoki ) , its not related to simon TV shows and when he performed it for the 1st time, XF main twitter acc didnt mention Louis even once !! they were only talking about their contests and the show was going to start aftrr hours , even I doubted that day it was only rumours and Louis ll not perform in the XF !!

●Do u know why now he wrote this tweet? cuz he was down by his team before #JHO, they tried to kill his confidence and distract him with fake public & media attention through their ugly stunts they forced him in .. & now when he did smt by his own he discovered THAT HE CAN be successful by his OWN, he is talented, smart, has a huge fan base who loves & support him til the end 💙..✌🎉

“Love You Louis"💟☺

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It’s “My Struggle 2″ not roundhouse Chris Carter in the throat for this cliffhanger. Thankfully Mulder & Scully have the best Kung Fu. 


And now the Best Tweets from “My Struggle” as read by Mulder & Scully action figures.