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Just read that Twitter entry and it's response. Unless we get other sightings, I don't believe it. Seems too convenient and the replies sound like they're trying to establish a cause rather than know for real. A 'fanboy' moment where they suddenly see GA on the set but they for sure that she's with PM and just visiting? Yeah, right. I don't believe this is innocent.

Usually, you can recognize trolls on Twitter because they’re following a lot of XF accounts, or their Twitter is brand new, or they grill themselves in the replies. This time, I feel like this dude is legit, at least, I feel like he saw her on set, but I really don’t think he is able to know what she was there for.
The only suspicious things I can see is that first he tends to only answer non-Gillovny accounts and completely ignore the Gillovny fans who are asking him questions, and then he doesn’t follow real people. Only professional / business / celebs accounts with no apparent link between them. I don’t know if it’s enough to say it’s a troll, though.


And now the Best Tweets from “My Struggle” as read by Mulder & Scully action figures. 


It’s “My Struggle 2″ not roundhouse Chris Carter in the throat for this cliffhanger. Thankfully Mulder & Scully have the best Kung Fu.