xf season 5

🦃👽 Random XF Fic Rec

Thanksgiving story time! This story is so good. Mere months after Scully’s cancer cure, Mulder and Scully are damaged, awkward, and wonderful when a snow storm finds them stuck away from home after a case.

Title: at the close of day
Author: @foxmulders
Summary: She forgets that things, people, exist outside the orbit of their maroon booth. Of his smile and the mug of tea he pushes across the table to her. There is only this, really. Only them and this thing that they are building.
Length: ~3,950 words
Classification: AU?, fluff
Rating: Not rated
Spoilers: Season 5
Favorite line: She’s cold and annoyed and shoeless and she is alive, alive, alive.

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⛄️👽 X-Files Fic Rec Advent: Day 3 Bonus

(I have so many holiday fic recs that some days this month I’ll post a second daily rec as a bonus. This is the first bonus post. Happy reading!)

Holiday story time! This story and its sparking dialogue give a gorgeous look at the partnership and lives of Mulder and Scully mid-season 5.

Title: Evergreen
Author: Aloysia_Virgata (@aloysiavirgata)
Summary: One-shot set a few weeks before Christmas Carol.
Length: 1,629 words
Classification: None provided
Rating: General Audiences
Spoilers: None listed (but: season 5)
Favorite line: She forgets that Mulder is attractive, that he is a pleasing package of stylish hair and good tailoring that would appeal to a woman who hadn’t had to curl away from his leggy sprawl in coach or watch his endless slideshows.

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