xf 30



→ 30 day x-file challenge: day two - least favourite season 

season nine received mixed reviews by critics and garnered negative reaction from many long-time fans and viewers, partially because david duchovny did not make regular appearances on the show, after fulfilling his contract in the previous season. duchovny appeared in only two episodes this season. previous recurring characters monica reyes and walter skinner were billed as main characters for this season, which follows dana scully, john doggett and reyes on their hunt to reveal a government conspiracy who are creating super soldiers”.


it’s me
i was wondering if after all these years
you’d like to meet
to go over
they say that time’s supposed to heal ya
but i ain’t done much healing

harry n nicks way of communicatin when theyre both at work is beautiful like

  • bro bro punch punch “no punches” (ft. hearteyes) 
  • lil hand over face peekaboo whatever the fuck (ft, hearteyes)
  • pattycake high five wigglin fingers (ft. hearteyes)

special mentions

  • throwin things
  • pullin faces
  • runnin a muck and givin everyone around them a headache 
  • (ft. hearteyes)