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gothic-princess-witch  asked:

Josephine X f!Trevelyan: 2, 5, 17; Merrill X f!Hawke: 6, 20, 25; and Cullen X f!Amell: 25, 29, 30? 💙 💙 💙

Josephine xf !Trevelyan

2. Evelyn is usually big spoon and Josephine is little spoon, and it works out nicely because Josephine is somewhat shorter than Evelyn.

5. Evelyn usually carries Josephine, because Evelyn is somewhat taller and a lot stronger, since she is a warrior. Besides both of them kind of enjoy the “lady and her knight” dynamic going on and it would be a bit surprising for a “lady” to carry the “knight”.

17. Evelyn again. She’s not used to concealing her feelings, besides Josephine is her first real love so she just kind of said it without even realizing she did, and then just went with it.

F!Hawke x Merrill

6. Marian loves Merrill’s beautiful green eyes, her small, slender fingers and her elegant wrists. Merrill loves Marian’s bright-blue eyes and her beautiful cheekbones and jawline.

20. Well, Marian’s mother is initially not too fond of the idea, since she saw her daughter marrying a nobleman, but she starts to get around to accepting Merrill shortly before her death. Bethany is extremely happy for both her sister and Merrill. Isabela, Varric, and Aveline support the relationship. Sebastian and Fenris might have their own opinions on whether Hawke should be with a bloodmage, but out of respect and seeing how happy it makes Hawke keep it to themselves. (And we all know what he who shall not be named thinks, but he is not a friend, so no one cares.) I also headcanon that f!Mahariel, who initially hated humans and pre-origins dated Merrill, while initially disapproving of the relationship, soon comes around realizing how great Hawke is for Merrill.

25. Merrill, at least on the surface. Hawke has doubts too but she’s learned to mask them, but Merrill often openly asks for reassurance. She also says that she loves Hawke quite often because it makes her feel more safe and secure.

Cullen x f!Amell.

25. Cullen, especially after they get back together, since Neria learned that self-doubt is very dangerous, especially in the fade, and learned to quash any feelings of self doubt almost immediately after they rear their head. But also, since they get back together around 9:37 Dragon, Cullen is having a lot of doubts in general about his life, so he needs reassurance.

29. Ah, almost everything about this ship breaks my heart.
But one in particular is that in about a year after the Kniloch hold incident Neria writes Cullen a letter - he never responds even though her receives it because he cannot bring himself to read it, he does not feel worthy to do that. He keeps this letter with him all the time as a constant reminder of his perceived failures - he couldn’t protect the mages, he couldn’t tell part the bloodmages, he couldn’t protect her, he shouldn’t have said those things to her, and the list goes on… Meanwhile Neria never dares to write to him again thinking that he is so repulsed with her and her magic now that he probably threw away or burned her letter.

30. Well, I headcanon that they get back together and it always mends my heart.
I realize that sometimes love is not enough, but in this case it was. They both had a lot of growing up to do in the six years apart and they’ve changed a lot, but some things do not change apparently - they realized they were still in love after all that time. Of course it is a log way before the “happily ever after” but it’s a start.

Thanks for the ask 💜💜💜💙💙💙


it’s me
i was wondering if after all these years
you’d like to meet
to go over
they say that time’s supposed to heal ya
but i ain’t done much healing



→ 30 day x-file challenge: day two - least favourite season 

season nine received mixed reviews by critics and garnered negative reaction from many long-time fans and viewers, partially because david duchovny did not make regular appearances on the show, after fulfilling his contract in the previous season. duchovny appeared in only two episodes this season. previous recurring characters monica reyes and walter skinner were billed as main characters for this season, which follows dana scully, john doggett and reyes on their hunt to reveal a government conspiracy who are creating super soldiers”.

harry n nicks way of communicatin when theyre both at work is beautiful like

  • bro bro punch punch “no punches” (ft. hearteyes) 
  • lil hand over face peekaboo whatever the fuck (ft, hearteyes)
  • pattycake high five wigglin fingers (ft. hearteyes)

special mentions

  • throwin things
  • pullin faces
  • runnin a muck and givin everyone around them a headache 
  • (ft. hearteyes)