xf 2010


I don’t care what people say when we’re together
You know I want to be the one
Who holds you when you sleep
I just want it to be you and I forever
I know you wanna leave
So come on baby be with me so happily

by Harry Styles, Savan Kotecha, Carl Falk

pronouns and heart-eyes,

25 October 2010


anonymous asked:

I’ve been looking at that picture of Harry red eyed and clearly looking like he’d cried and thinking about him first meeting Jay at the XF in 2010. These are bookend moments for him. Six years ago when Jay entered his world it was at the most crucial moment of young Harry’s life. Don’t for a second imagine that this past year knowing of Jay’s terminal illness, watching her deteriorate in a hospital bed has not had a profound effect on Harry’s day to day. (1)

I believe that Harry was like so many young people who must get up and go to a job in spite of a cloud of sadness hovering over one part of his life. Please don’t insult Harry. This isn’t about Louis. This is about Harry and his relationship with Jay, who pulled Harry and his family into her life and grew his family instantly to over a dozen. Harry painfully navigating the road to losing Jay. (2)

Portraying Harry as a person cavalierly shopping in luxury goods stores and believing that he went about his daily tasks without a heavy heart is the most hateful opinion anyone can have of him. This boy with a heart the size of the moon has lost a huge piece of his life w Jay’s passing. (3)


I know exactly where you’re coming from, anon. And while I think they mis-dated those pap photos, to make it look like Harry was shopping on the day that Jay passed, the fact that somewhere, there’s a team in place, trying to pass that off as the official narrative - that even at a time like that, they still wanted to try to make people think there was a distance between Harry and Louis, is just disgusting. 

I feel so terribly for Harry that he has had to do his grieving so privately and that he isn’t allowed to pay tribute to a woman he loved dearly, as his other mum. I’m glad that both he and Louis have had this year off, and were able to spend so much more time with family, but it still hasn’t unburdened him of this horrible farce he’s been forced into - that Jay was just his bandmate’s mother. 


First performance October 2010 (x)

Final performance November 2015 (x)