xeybhls art

I promised you guys I would have some stuff to show from my week being gone.  I didn’t touch my wacom once.  I got a new sketch book and markers for my bday so that’s all I used.  Then suddenly that sketch book turned into a troll sketch book. 

Welp…whatever. lol.

First up, completed July 8th 2013, Terezi Pyrope (one of my fav. trolls) and Her Dragonmom if she had hatched to raise Terezi.

My friend Rixu and I’s newish Ocs, Feral and Rhain.   Feral had protected Rhain since she was a little girl, since she is the key to restoring magic to the world.  However, she fell in love with him.  At first he was reluctant.  He was her guardian, but she was sweet and kind and the only person he ever let close to him.   Soon the feeling was mutual.  He taught her magic, the ways of the world, gave her her first kiss, as well as took her maidenhood.  They were inseparable and everyday she grew in power and strength.  But her abilities in magic was not all that grew.  It wasn’t long before they found out she had a baby in her belly.  He was shocked, always under the assumption he did not have the ability to produce offspring.  Yet she gave him a baby.  So he ended up having much more than he planned.


So here is my cosplays I did this weekend for Phoenix Comicon.  Saturday was Terezi Pyrope, and Today I was Rose Lalonde.  Dragon Cane and Thorns of Oglogoth made by me.  I decided to take pictures for my Terezi too late in the day when my makeup was not as nice.  Oh Well.

I had to add the Pic of Ezio Auditore (my friend Ashley) trying to woo me.  Loved her outfit. <3

Last pic I just had to show my good friend Dave (Taylor) Being a cool kid as always, as well as Claudia Auditore (My Friend Kasey) next to Dave making faces.  Company including a Maro, Quailman, and others.

Pictures done by my lovely friend Veronica.  (I can’t remember her Tumblr name right now.) 

Thought you guys might appreciate this. I do other nerdy things other than drawing and sewing. 

Quick color job to oldish line art. 

Friend and I’s OCs. Micheal and Asuria.

Micheal is tired from traveling all over the damn continent chasing his lady love who is a Thieving Gypsy.  When he finally gets to her she got herself in trouble by getting bit by a werecat.  Now he is trying to keep her calm so she herself doesn’t turn completely into a monster.