Exclusive Unreleased Image from my XEX editorial with Shes Ryan!

We are totally having a MOESHA brandy moment here! Ryan is rocking a studded vest by StudmuffinNYC and printed leggings by Ben Copperwheat! 

Head over to XEX MAG for the full editorial and stay tuned here for more exclusives. 


My tumblr fam!

Wanted to share this with you guys!

Just got published in XEX Mag with my boo @shesryan 

Im so glad that this story is finally out and I can share this with you guys. This was Ryan & I’s first time working together and we clicked so well! From there we became friends and I truly love this girl! She is so talented and the world is NOT READY. Sheldon styled the HELL out this as usual. He had the vision of making Ryan a Banji version of Patra. I think we totally succeeded! Love my team Much love to my photo assistants that day Mark & Mutara. 

Wardrobe provided by Ben Copperwheat & She’s Ryan