xeuaru answered your question: I’m too lazy to shave my legs so I just wrote…

I have to shave every fucking week because of the sports I do. Sometimes it’s 11pm and I’m like: oooops still have to shave

hah I know what you mean! I like to roll up my pants if they’re a little long(which they always are) and I hate shaving my legs-I get razor burns and bleed like a mother fucker,I have nearly 10 scars on my leg because of shaving!I blame it on my cave-woman like shaving…..Oh well,the marker gets the attention and if anyone’s grossed out by my feet than maybe I dont want them as a friend ha

xeuaru hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet: witzig, papa, doch, ich glaub schon, dass die luft…

Versteh dich. Meine Eltern haben sich den arsch abgelacht, als ich Vegetarierin werden wollte. Ich mein, los leute, macht euch ruhig darber lustig, dass ich eine langfristige Entscheidung treffe. Ist ja nicht so, dass es selten passiert oder so.

kann dir nur zustimmen! ich finds einfach echt nicht okay wie viele leute sich im endeffekt über vegetarier und veganer lustig machen, ohne über irgendwelche Hintergründe bescheid zu wissen. irgendwie tuts weh, von den eigenen eltern nicht ernst genommen zu werden sondern nur ausgelacht zu werden.

susurrium asked:

*chooses randomly* 1 3 22 15


1: If you were a tv producer and you had to choose 5 band members to live together for a reality show, who would you choose?*ooh I love this question* Probably Sierra from versaemerge,Hayley from paramore,Tomo from 30 seconds to mars,Paul McCartney and Jesse from brand new

3: Older music or newer music?Both!I find that they can be equally bad and equally good,at least for me and it makes me kinda sad when people say ”óoh new music SUCKS!There’s no salvation for new music blah blah blah….” You just gotta give it a chance,you know?

22: Would you rather be a roadie or a band member?Band member,always!!! Mainly because I am haha

15: How do you feel about bands who have gone in a completely different direction with their sound?Oh man,I could talk about this for hours,but I’ll just say that it’s good as long as they don’t lose their selves in the new music.For instance Brand new have 5 records out(well 4,because one got leaked and they made another instead) and listening to all of them one after another they’re VERY different as far as sound and lyrics,but you STILL hear that it’s all the same band.They’re probably my biggest inspiration and they’re amazing because of what they do and how they do it so well.A band’s gotta emerge and constantly grow.

xeuaru said: Du musst eine wie Alaska lesen, ich lese es gerade und es ist super! Und hast du schon mal von No Exit gehört? Auch ein gutes Buch, zieht sich am Anfang zwar ein bisschen in die Länge, aber es wird nach ein paar Seiten echt gut! :)

dann ist eine wie alaska jetzt in meine tasche gewandert:) nein, davon hab ich noch nicht gehört, aber es steht jetzt auch auf meiner leseliste! danke dir :)

susurrium asked:

♛ the weirdest thing you've ever done in public?

anything i’ve done while i was drunk was probably weird. lmao. 

icon-  7/10

sidebar-  /10

url- 8/10

theme-  6.7/10


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your're it. you're tagged! state 5 things about yourself and send this message to 5 other users.

aw maaaaaaaaaaaaan,you know I hate chain mail :\

But okay,i don’t have anything better to do anyway

1.I hate socks,I cant stand them

2.I love music and I know it”s what I was born to do

3.I love Brand New and I hate how underrated they are

4.I would much rather be alone than out with friends

5.I love creating.I’m making a clay model of Ramona Flowers right as I am typing this haha

thank you,bless your soul <3

I was tagged by this one chick that lives within walking distance of me,but we’re too lazy to meet,for now.

But in all seriousness,don`t let your kids climb in her van.

The things I`ve seen.

Anyways.On we go.


Rule 1: You must post the rules. 

Rule 2: Answer the 11 questions and  make 11 new ones.

Rule 3: Tag 11 people.

Rule 4: Tell them you tagged them :)

Here are the questions:

  1. What color are your socks?I’m always barefoot…
  2. Last tv show you watched?Freaks and Geeks!I’ve been rewatching it…so bummed it got canceled
  3. If you could go back and save Titanic from sinking,would you?Hm…probably not,Things would be different otherwise
  4. If you could get any two animals to make a baby together what would they be and what would the baby look like?An elephant and a pigeon..just because picturing them having sex makes everyone laugh
  5. Do you think my questions are weird?Well,I know you to the extent of your weirdness to say “No”
  6. Vanilla or chocolate?CHOCOLATEEE
  7. Who picked your name when you were born?My mom’s psychology professor….ONE YEAR BEFORE I WAS EVEN PLANNED!
  8. Ever thought of cruel ways to kill your siblings ?Oh yes,It’s a hobby(Val,if you ever tell Viki I will start planning your murder as well)
  9. Do you think cats will rule the world one day?I hope not
  10. If i ever become a famous writer will you come to buy my book?YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I would buy ALL OF THE COPIES!
  11. What`s your favorite word in your maternal language ? Караконджул…..ъм не знам….може би “майка”?

And here are MY questions:

1.Who would be the only person(dead or alive) you’d want to spend a month with in a deserted resort?

2.If my band makes it will you come out to a show?

3.How did you discover tumblr?

4.When was your happiest moment?

5.If you could relive anyone’s life who would it be?

6.What’s one thing that always makes you smile?

7.What’s one thing that always makes you cry?

8.What’s the most important thing in the world to you?

9.Are you wearing any pants right now?

10.What time is it?

11.If we ever got to hang out what would we do?

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