FINALLY had time to sit down and finish this book. Final summary: You need to read this book. It’s part history lesson, part autobiography, part expose, etc. Covers everything from the history of contractors, mercenaries, privateers, in world history and US history to the history of Blackwater and how it was started, to every Blackwater event you’ve ever heard of and many you have not (the good and the bad), to the inner details of how Blackwater operated, the rules it operated under, the bad press, the investigations and witch hunts, the transformation to XE services and then Academi, the aftermath, and the future of not just Academi but how wars will be fought in the future and the unsustainable defense budget and how to fix a broken system. Best part is everything is backed up by verifiable FACTS, not just wild speculation and conspiracy paranoia. Make this your next book purchase. #igmilitia #Blackwater #XEServices #Academi #Contractors #PMC #PSC

Thanks to @stevearyan from @greyfoxinc for this link. The Wall Street Journal interviews Erik Prince, former big dog over at Blackwater, as he gives another vantage point on some issues that the media has really only covered with their own personal slant attached. #igmilitia #greyfoxinc #blackwater #xeservices #academi