xerxes fma

some days i remember how Envy killing Hughes eventually led to Ed beating Pride, and i’m like, damn that’s some good progression

  • Hughes snoops around for information
  • Envy kills him
  • Roy leads a personal hunt to find Hughes’ murderer
  • Envy frames Maria Ross to cover his tracks
  • Ed sees Roy “kill” Maria and is sent (read: kidnapped) to take a vacation to the Xerxes ruins, where he learns Maria is not, in fact, dead
  • Ed sees half of the Xerxes Human Transmutation circle at the ruins
  • Later on, Ed, Envy and Ling end up in Glutton’s stomach
  • Ed figures out how to escape because the other half of the Xerxes circle is in Gluttony’s stomach
  • Ed has to use the souls in Envy’s philosopher’s stone to pay the toll
  • which means Ed learned how it feels to use human life
  • Ed later uses this knowledge to save his own life when he’s impaled by the beam; he remembers how it feels to use human life as an energy source and uses his own life force in the same way to patch up his wound
  • Later on, Pride tries to take over Ed’s body, but Ed forces himself into Pride’s philosopher’s stone, thanks to all the knowledge he gained before (human transmutation, using souls, using himself like a philosopher’s stone), and (with Kimblee’s help) finally beats Pride

like. damn. that is some good progression