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Xero is apparently investigating a dead body, when all of a sudden, he was startled by Arikado. "Arikado! Don't just startle people off like that." Xero reminded and continues to investigate the dead body.

The formally suited man took a casual step back at Xero, he didn’t expect to see him here, he took a glimpse at the body before looking back at Xero. 

“My apologies, I didn’t expect to see you here friend.” He said in a cool, collective tone.

xeroprimoasbetos  asked:

"Oh, Hello, i didn't see you there." Xero spoken, when he accidentally bumped to the man.

Julius turned around when he felt the bump. His neutral expression turned solemn and calm as he replied, “Hello! It’s perfectly fine, but be more careful next time. It’s best to keep cautious around these areas.”