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"Oh Albus, came out to enjoy the outside?" Said Lockjaw as he is laying down on the ground and gazing up the sky

“Well, hello Lockjaw. Fancy meeting you like this.” Albus replied, having sought the source of the voice that had roused him from his inner thoughts. He had been out on a walk to clear his head and get some air; all under the guise that he was going on patrol. That would buy him a lot of time to do… whatever came his way. And as it were, when Xero or one of his brother’s appeared, it was very likely that something exciting was about to happen.

“Getting predictable, am I?” The scholar chuckled as he took a seat on the ground in a polite distance from the other man. “I needed to breathe in more than dust and old tomes. Are you also taking a bit of a breather? -How have you and your brothers been fairing?”

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Xero is apparently investigating a dead body, when all of a sudden, he was startled by Arikado. "Arikado! Don't just startle people off like that." Xero reminded and continues to investigate the dead body.

The formally suited man took a casual step back at Xero, he didn’t expect to see him here, he took a glimpse at the body before looking back at Xero. 

“My apologies, I didn’t expect to see you here friend.” He said in a cool, collective tone.

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((Putting a new starter here)) "Oh, Albus, going somewhere?" Xero greeted as he draws on his notebook.

Although he had not expected to see Xero while out and about on a few errands in town, a casual glance passed from the researcher to the soldier.

“Well met, Xero. How have you been? How goes the research on those artifacts?”