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[!] Recap of The Unit episode 5-6

For Topp Dogg’s audition:

  • Their mics didn’t work, they had to redo their audition 4 times

  • They were supposed to do the appeal time after their audition stage, but the PD’s and judges said they didn’t have enough time, so only B-joo was asked to show his talent. B-joo said he had practiced with Xero and couldn’t do it alone, so they did it together.

  • Xero and B-joo danced to Hojoon singing, but they were too nervous.
    They couldn’t sing well and it showed on their expressions. The judges said the reason the members were failed and didn’t get super boot is because of their expressions, and B-joo cried.

  • At first, only B-joo passed but Hojoon become desperate and said he wanted to show his dancing, so he did and he danced really well. Rain (judge) said “It’s such a pity to eliminate him” so Rain passed him.

  • Sangdo and Yano were given no appeal time at all, and subsequently not passed.

  • In the last fan chat, Sangdo said he had prepared something for his individual stage, but was taken aback at the fact that he was not allowed to perform it.

  • Only Yano’s microphone worked during the self introduction

  • They kept telling Topp Dogg that there was not enough time for them, however the contestant after them was allowed to sing,rap and dance and was told to “show everything”.

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