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Topp Dogg Reaction: Their Idol Crush Likes Them Back

@xleeleeboox ~  Hey! I hope it is okay to request a toppdogg reactions. If I can, can it be a written reaction where the members meet their idol crush and it turns out that their crush is a big fan of them? So like they see that their crush starting to get happy to meet them. Nobody does toppdogg reactions anymore, so if you do this can you please include jenissi because I don’t think many would include him. He is still my bias though. Anyways sorry for rambling, thank you!


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Boy would be cocky af. He was nervous up until the point that he saw you were as excited to meet him as he was to meet you. When he saw that you were blushing all of his nervous energy would disappear and he’d be his confident goofy self. Making you laugh with his weird antics and doing his best to win your heart. 


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Probably pretty damn anxious about the whole situation. Wants to make sure he makes a good impression so he’s a little shy at first. He’d definitely be his super sweet and friendly self, and as soon as he sees how excited you are to meet him he’d feel really flattered and he might blush. 


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This smooth criminal is going to 100% adore your cute reaction to meeting him. He already thought you were adorable but wow.. save his soul. He’s going to comment on it freely and make sure you know exactly how much he likes your personality and sweet looks. Compliments your talent and skills and makes comparisons to show you how good you’d be together. 


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Is a little shy but he’s trying his best. The maknaes won’t let him live. Probably gives you his email address for music purposes. He’ll be suuuuuper relieved to find out that you like him too and that it was obvious that you were excited to be face to face with him. Later he’ll get your number over email. 


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Legit my favorite Nakta GIF in existence pls send help

Is probably super quiet when you first meet, you’ll start all of the conversations. But he is obviously giving you his undivided attention, you’re all he sees. At the end he would be upfront and ask you for your number and possibly see if you’d like to get coffee. He doesn’t seem like the type to miss and opportunity like this. 


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This sweetie lord help me. He’s going to be a shy cutie when you start to compliment him on how handsome he is. Breaks out some cheesy lines about how you look way better than he ever could. You’re blushing, he’s blushing.. get married already! He’d be the one to have bought flowers beforehand so that when you first meet he could give them to you and tell you that’s he’s a huge fan of your performances and that he always anticipates seeing you shine on stage. 


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BIASSSSSSSS fucking kill me look at this giffffff When he first saw you blushing while glancing at him he would smile to himself at how cute you were. You’d be gripping one of your members by the sleeve and hiding behind them when you bowed to him and he’d giggle. “Are you afraid of me?” He’d tease you. He’d make you laugh in an effort to have you open up to him and when he got you beside him to talk he’d ask you if you’d like to hangout with him sometime for coffee. This little cute Casanova. Slay me.


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100% nervous but 100% unafraid. Walks right up to you and recites your stage name, real name, birthday, blood type, the works. Tells you about his favorite performances of yours and really shows you that he is interested and that he pays attention to you. Wins your heart in minutes because wow.. this boy is dedicated. Gets your number and a plan for a date before the end of your first meeting. He’s a man on a mission.


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long-haired angel agh

This goofball is going to try to get your number as smoothly as possible. This ends with a lot of giggling and some pretty bad jokes. He’s trying though! Talks himself up and flexes for you. In the end he facepalms at a few of his jokes but he got your number so that’s a win. 


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He’s gonna act like he’s got it together but don’t be fooled. He’s screaming on the inside the whole time. He smoothly gets your number all while questioning how he’s gotten this far in the back of his mind. Manages to make you laugh a few times and every time he hears you giggle his confidence raises a level. Confident enough to hug you before you part ways. Texts you for a date later in the evening and runs around the dorm screaming to the members about how he got the cutie of his dreams! 

A/N- I haven’t written about Topp Dogg in literal ages oh my loooord. I hope this turned out okay! I hope you like it and that you have a good day too <3 Good vibes

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