Some ER doodles. Including: Fred/Xerneus. Skuntank Zeke. The crank pokeball. Fred’s car, The Sunfire, originally painted to look like a Typlosion but a couple of gingers from the air force painted flowers on top of it. A doodle of tamisahoss’s David Strauss from memory. Aaaaand a Mega Ampharos, one of the final additions to Fred’s team. Everyone pretty much has Mega Evolution potential except for Fred so I gave him the dragon sheep.

pokedeer asked:

tbh tho my starter was actually swampert and at one point half my team was water types while playing through AS so ;v; <3 [deerling can stil wreck most water types tho I'm sorry but it's a DEER ok]

Yaaas. I had a sawsbuck in my team for a while I know the love of the deer babe. Deer pokemon are p gr9. I flippin love the swords of justice, deerling, sawsbuck, xerneus, stantler…. ye. But still… ALL HAIL KYOGRE. EXPAND THE SEA! WOOSHHHHH! that was a wave sound for emphasis