Some ER doodles. Including: Fred/Xerneus. Skuntank Zeke. The crank pokeball. Fred’s car, The Sunfire, originally painted to look like a Typlosion but a couple of gingers from the air force painted flowers on top of it. A doodle of tamisahoss’s David Strauss from memory. Aaaaand a Mega Ampharos, one of the final additions to Fred’s team. Everyone pretty much has Mega Evolution potential except for Fred so I gave him the dragon sheep.

Pokedex Challenge Day 24: fave design

Eh this was rushed and Xerneus is pretty complicated, but there it is! I think Xerneus is beautiful and I’m kinda wondering why I chose Y cause I frankly like this deer better…

cataclysmicmelody asked:


I KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO DO THIS! jhkfjdhagadg -flips a desk- You are lucky I really wanna answer these. ene

1. Favorite Pokemon type? Water and Psychic. Grass, and bug are close seconds.

2. First starter you ever had? Charmander

3. If you could chose any town to live in from all the regions, which would it be? Oh damn. HNNNNG anywhere in Hoenn TBH. It’s a toss up between Lilycove and Slateport. 

4. Name a favorite Pokemon from each type. 
Normal: Lopunny
Fire: Ho-oh
Fighting: Scrafty and Virizion
Water: Kyogre
Flying: Pelipper
Grass: Sawsbuck
Poison: Beedrill
Electric:  Lanturn
Ground: Quagsire
Psychic: Lugia
Rock: Tyranitar
Ice: Aurorus
Bug: Surskit
Dragon: Garchomp
Ghost:  Honedge
Dark: Sharpedo
Steel: Escavalier
Fairy: Xerneus

5. Pokemon you dislike the most? Lucario 

6. Favorite legendary? Lugia and Kyogre

7. Which generation/ region is most special to you? Silver is the first one I beat and X is the first one I caught a legendary in… but I have always loved Ruby and Sapphire even before the remakes. I remember playing Ruby on my GBA as a kid with my pokemon hat on as my family drove on vacation. 

8.Name a favorite Pokemon from each of the generations.

Red/Blue/Yellow: Kadabra and Beedrill
Silver/gold: Lugia and soooo many more
Diamond/ Pearl: Garchomp
Sapphire/Ruby: Sharpedo Kyogre
Black/White: Oshawott and Scrafty, Escavalier
X/Y: P much all the fairies Especially Xerneus

9. Favorite eeveelution? Vaporeon

10. What future eeveelution type do you hope for? Flying

11. Favorite gym leader? Uhhhhhhh 

12. Favorite “roaming” Pokemon? Mesprit

13. What do you think the next generation of game should be called? I DON’T KNOW

14. Prettiest Pokemon? Sylveon is pretty

15. If you could have any 6 Pokemon in your party, what would they be? YOU DO NOT WANT TO ASK ME THAT If I could have legendaries it would he like 3 lugia, Kyogre, Virizion and Mesprit hnnnng I love the legendaries so much.

Without Legendaries I like my current team in AS Pelipper, Garchomp, Sharpedo, Sawsbuck, Escavalier, and Quagsire I might replace pelipper with lopunny though. 


16. Which game is your most favorite? Alpha Sapphire

17. Which game is your least favorite? Black/white

18. If you could create a new Pokemon type, what would it be? Uhhhhh Microbe??? Idk.

19. Name your favorite thing about each game generation.
Red/blue/yellow: the originals! I liked how in yellow pikachu followed you. 
Silver/gold: I loved the pokemon that were introduced and of course mother fucking lugia
Diamond/ pearl: Never played
Ruby/ Sapphire: Team Aqua (I always liked team aqua)
Black/White: The seasons were cool
X/Y: I loved the story 

20. Favorite hold item and why? The mega stones are hella but I also really like leftovers

21. Favorite TM? Dark pulse and swagger

22. Favorite HM? Fly??? I also like surf and waterfall

23. Favorite Pokeball? I like the aqua ball from the card game because fuck you but in the video games I like the way the dive ball looks and I like the love ball for it’s functionality. 

24. Which professor is your favorite? Elm. ELM IS SO CUTE FITE ME