Trinket Geek is now making t-shirts! The first release, ThroneMonsters, is now up for preorder! Currently at a discounted preorder price. :D

The t-shirts are based on the Game of Thrones sigils for the four great houses using pokemon with the motto turned into a pun of the pokemon’s key move. Entei’s motto didn’t change from House Lannister’s, since it’s perfect just as it is, as I’m sure many of you will remember…

For anyone that loves my jewelry, worry not, I’ll still be designing and making jewelry. Hope you guys like these! :D

T-Shirts available at TrinketGeek:

ThroneMonsters T-Shirts

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 Legendary bird: Articuno | Zapdos | Moltres

Legendary beast: Entei | Raikou | Suicune

Tower duo: Lugia | Ho-oh

Legendary golem: Regice | Regirock | Registeel | Regigigas

Eon duo: Latios | Latias

Weather trio: Groudon | Kyogre | Rayquaza

Lake guardian: Azelf | Mesprit | Uxie

Creation trio: Dialga | Palkia | Giratina

Lunar duo: Cresselia | Darkrai

Swords of justice: Terrakion | Verizion | Cobalion | Keldeo

Forces of nature: Tornadus | Thundurus | Landorus

Tao trio: Reshiram | Zekrom | Kyurem (regular, black, white)

Mortality duo and Zygarde: Xerneas | Yveltal | Zygarde

Cute legendary: Mew | Celebi | Jirachi | Manaphy/Phione | Shaymin | Victini | Diancie

Other legendary: Mewtwo | Deoxys | Heatran | Arceus | Meloetta | Genesect | Hoopa | Volcanion

Pseudo-legend: Dragonite | Tyranitar | Salamence | Metagross | Garchomp | Hydreigon | Goodra

Yveltal + Lugia + Flygon + Xerneas + Dragonair

A commission for someone ^^ It’s my first 5 Pokémon fusion and I must say it was quite challenge to manage all the parts and colors x)

For more of my pokémon fusion or artworks
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