I also like to think, in the hypothetical Pokemon X-musical, that Xerneas’s awakening would be a fantastic affair. Like, I’m thinking Brother Bear’s Transformation here. Stunning visuals, breathtakingly beautiful music (a different set of emotions to Transformation, but just as gorgeous to listen to) and plenty of beautiful streams of light and magic coming out of Xerneas.

The room would be dark, dim and dull before Xerneas wakes up. Protag is in there on their own, basically the only significant light and colour is the glow of the ‘X’ on the tree and its reflection in the protag’s eye (interestingly the reflection makes their eye look like Xerneas’s eyes with the X for just a moment). Next minute, bam. Blue magic everywhere and Xerneas, in neutral form for a moment then suddenly transforming. Those colourful things on Xerneas’s antlers begin to grow, take colour, and twist their way through the antlers. Different colours stream out of them, winding into the blue and creating a spectrum that envelopes the dark room, blocking out Team Flare’s equipment just for a moment. The atmosphere is exciting, giving the impression that Xerneas is INCREDIBLY powerful, but a force of good.

And so darn pretty.

In the beginning, there was nothing.

Then, there was The Egg.

From the egg, was borne Thine Lord Arceus.

ON THE FIRST DAY He forged Creation, a grand, ever-reaching cosmos as His canvas for all being.

Then He spun a special thread; a ball in which would be his Crown Achievement.

ON THE SECOND DAY He created Space and Time, and birthed a Vassal to aid him.

The Vassal, however, became jealous of His power, and was punished; its holy forme turned wicked and its body sent to another world.

ON THE THIRD DAY He created the concepts of Life and Death, and embodied them appropriately. Order was formed to preside over both, as so neither could dominate the other.

ON THE FOURTH DAY He created the Land, Sea, and Sky, and the Great Entities that presided over them. Then was created a Mighty Titan to help shape the world.

ON THE FIFTH DAY He created a Supreme Power, to guide the new world to perfect harmony and benevolence; to act as an arbiter to usher in the first age of being.

But, the Supreme Power grew stronger still, and He was forced to tear it into three pieces, as so it could never overthrow Him. This proved to be wiser, and Two Pieces were used to achieve Perfect Balance. The Third Piece was broken and cast down to the mortal world as punishment.

ON THE SIXTH DAY He created the concepts of Wisdom, Love, and Valor, to instill into all other creations.

ON THE SEVENTH DAY He created The First. From The First, was all other Life birthed.

After all was done, Arceus looked upon His Work and was Pleased. Then, with one final push, he bore a Mighty Pillar into the earth, and ascended to his Grand Hall, sealing the way behind Him with The Notes of a Crystalline Song. Only those who played the Song could behold Him.

….and the RENEGADE VASSAL and the SUNDERED PIECE swore horrible vengeance on Him.

Xerneas = Serena's Nobody!?

The female protagonist from XY’s name is Serena

… and the legendary Pokémon from X’s name is Xerneas.

Did anyone notice that XERNEAS’s name, mixed up, is actually SERENA with an extra X?



and in the game series, Kingdom Hearts, a Nobody’s name is “an X plus an anagram of their original names from when they were humans.”

That could only mean that Xerneas must be Serena’s Nobody!!