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my computer is on it’s last leg, and i am in need of money for a new one before this one craps out on me. ;D; so i’m opening commissions again!

no limit on slots at the moment, so if you’re interested and would like some art from me, check out my commissions page for more information on pricing and details about contacting me.

reblogs are appreciated! ;w;


Commissions are open again, and I’m really in desperate need of some cash to keep us afloat until my husband’s next check comes in. I know money is tight for everyone, so prices are flexible, but every little bit helps, as we’ve already gone through our savings.

  • Will draw ocs, fanart, gore, smut, etc
  • Payment through paypal only
  • If interested, please send me a message, or email me at mcroberts1993@yahoo.com

Even if you can’t commission me, please reblog to spread the word around.

Thank you,


I’ve fallen on really hard times financially and am in dire need of cash to get out of debt and pay some bills, so I’m opening commissions.


  • Payment is upfront through paypal only. I only accept USD.
  • No limit on slots available, you can commission me as many times as you want for different things if you like.
  • Will draw just about anything, including smut and gore, but if you have questions, please feel free to ask.
  • Half of the original price will be added to the total for each additional character requested.
  • For example, if you commission me for a half-body minimal colored drawing of 3 characters, your total would come to $24.
  • Turn around time is usually 1 - 3 days, but could be up to a week depending on difficulty and my current work load. I will let you know.
  • Please do not rush me.
  • I will send work in progress shots upon request.
  • I will add simple/non-detailed backgrounds upon request.
  • Prices may increase depending on the difficulty of what you commission me to draw. I will let you know if this happens and work with you on payment.

Send me a message or email me at mcroberts1993@yahoo.com with the following information when commissioning me:

  • Name: The name you go by.
  • URL: Your tumblr url.
  • Type: Bust, half-body, full body, illustration.
  • Style: Sketch, minimal color, full color. Illustrations will automatically be full color.
  • Character references: A detailed physical description of the character(s) OR image references if you have them.
  • Posing: How do you want the character(s) posed? What are they doing? Are they holding anything? What sort of emotion do you want them to convey?
  • Other: Anything else you feel that I should know about your commission.

For more examples of my work, feel free to check out my blog. And even if you are unable to commission me, please reblog to spread the word around. ;u; Thank you.



So I know I’ve been saying for a while now that I would make a new commissions post sooo here it is. Yay. Even if you can’t commission me, please do me a favor and reblog this post to spread the word. Thank you <33

– Clare.

Commission Details


  • Bust/Waist-up - $7
  • Full body - $10
  • Each additional person is $4 extra
  • Examples: 1 sketch of 2 people from the waist-up = $11, 1 sketch of 2 full bodied people = $14

Colored Sketches

  • Bust/Waist-up - $10
  • Full body - $15
  • Each additional person is $6 extra
  • Examples: 1 colored sketch of 2 people from the waist-up = $16, 1 colored sketch of 2 full bodied people = $21

Full Color Portraits

  • Bust (from the shoulders, up) - $45
  • Waist-up - $55
  • Full body - $75
  • Each additional person is $20 extra
  • Simple background included
  • Example: 1 full color portrait of 2 people from the waist-up = $75

Things I will/will not draw

Will not: Animals, anthros, creatures in general (sorry I haven’t perfected that yet), and gross stuff like scat or whatever just no please don’t ask me to draw that.

Will: Damn near everything else, including fan art, original characters, gore, and smut.

When Commissioning

Message me with the following information - your name, what you want (sketch, colored sketch, full color), name of character(s), pose desired + references, any other details you want to include, and your paypal information. I will contact you shortly after to discuss your commission as well as give you my paypal information.

When paying, please only send payment as a GIFT. The reason behind this being so that paypal does not take out a fee, leaving me short of money. I only accept USD.

Slots Available

  1. open
  2. open
  3. open
  4. open
  5. open