xeres art

❤ Xere x Shifer ❤

Artwork by Chinchi(TheNobles)
Used Paint Tool Sai
5-6 Hours to Complete
Characters belong to @hamsterballpro and @alexandr–ite

Chinchi is super proud of this art piece! He drew this not only for @hamsterballpro‘s instagram art contest, but because he has loved these characters from day one of seeing them together!

❤ Please enjoy! ❤

Gives Chinchi an Idea for a type of art commission to make available in the future.

After a momentary silence between them, Haeyin stepped behind Farore again, lifting his hands to he sides of her head once more. He had no idea how long this would take, but he would do it as swiftly as he was able.

“Okay… Take a deep breath and let it out,” he instructed, taking a breath in and out himself. “Try to clear your thoughts. And if you feel pain at any time, please tell me and I will stop immediately.”

He waited for confirmation from the young woman that she’d heard and understood him before taking another deep breath to calm the nerves stirring in his gut. A soft stream of words fell from his lips and his hands began to glow a faint blue. Closing his eyes to concentrate, he pushed a little more energy out of him and the blue turned to a deeper shade.

I did a thing for a scene in the rp I’m in. Not bad for a newbie gif maker. :)


my computer is on it’s last leg, and i am in need of money for a new one before this one craps out on me. ;D; so i’m opening commissions again!

no limit on slots at the moment, so if you’re interested and would like some art from me, check out my commissions page for more information on pricing and details about contacting me.

reblogs are appreciated! ;w;