So…am I the only one who likes to imagine my OTP getting hella drunk at a party and instead of having sex and all that, they just slow dance together under the stars really dumbly? Like, stumbling around and just shy smiles and gazing lovingly into the others eyes?

Popular Yogships in a Nutshell:

Xephmadia: 99% Fluff and Teencast. Not much NSFW here. Also one of the few canon ships.

Honeyphos: A little more NSFW, but nothing to be ashamed about. The original Yogship, the one that has stuck through the years.

Sjips: sexsexsex sex in the sipsco compound sex in the pool sex in space sexsexsex (also a lot of teencast and cute fluff, but that’s not important)

InTheLittleDream: The sweetest ship you will ever find. I’m still trying to get all my cavities filled. Officially canon.

Rythna: The Rythna sub-fandom has been gaining strength since the Yoglabs conspiracies began circulating. Fics are often fluffy and yet dark stories of two broken people trying to help each other. Sometimes it also turns into some hardcore kinky shit.

Xephna: Another ancient ship that dates back to the Tekkit times. Shippers find immense joy in the fact that they are both avid scientists.

Zoethian: By far the largest and most dedicated collection of fan content of all the Yogships. Even those who have not watched Blackrock can’t deny the fact that the mage and his apprentice were made for each other.

SoTotallyLittlewood: A lesser-known ship that started as a brOTP but quickly turned (dare I say blossomed?) into something more.

Hatsome: Most popular OT3, even bigger than the Xephos+Honeydew+Lalna OT3. Hatfilms is inseparable to the Hatters.

Troffy: Though I’m no expert, I can confirm that Troffy is generally accepted by Hatters everywhere.

Lalnasounds: A new ship that became popular from the Apprentice series.

Ridgephos: Strange fics and art about two vaguely bossy boys, one of which can fly.


Batch two of my Yogscast: the Gathering cards! This time with some spells and artifacts as well as Duncan since I finally found a picture for his card c:

First batch is up here!

UPDATE: third batch is heeeere 

Lady Nano
Holy crap. I honestly didn’t expect this to be so long, but here you are. School’s started so I’ll be writing less, but I’ll still try and make stories for all of you on here.

Shipping: Nanocoffee/Lividsounds
Sub-Shippings: Xephmadia, Sjips, Zoethian
Summary: Lady Nano is engaged, but she’s not really fond of her fiancé. A visit to Lomadia’s house draws her out of her pampered life and onto the streets - but the fun’s just beginning.

“Nano, hurry up!” Came the harsh call from the lobby downstairs.

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Xephmadia as Lucius and Honey
  • Lomadia: Honey, where is my broom?
  • Xephos: What?
  • Lomadia: Where. Is. My. Broom?!
  • Xephos: I, uh, put it away.
  • Lomadia: Where?
  • Xephos: Why do you want to know?
  • Lomadia: I need it!
  • Xephos: Uh-uh! Don't you think about running off doing no daring-do. We've been planning this dinner for two months!
  • Lomadia: Nilesy needs me and he could get into danger!
  • Xephos: My evening's in danger!
  • Lomadia: You tell me where my broom is, spaceman. We are talking about the greater good!
  • Xephos: "Greater good?" I am your husband! I'm the greatest "good" you are ever gonna get!

A cute, dorky, sometimes sarcastic and overall hilarious dark-haired boy is best friends with an outgoing, brave, witty, intelligent, powerful blonde-haired girl who likes owls.

Did I just describe Xephmadia or Percabeth?



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