xeph looks like he is going to kill him

yeah but imagine a teen!Sips pretending he isnt bothered (by being v. sarcastic & blunt) by the fact his best friend wanna-be-boyfriend Sjin always talks about how cute Xephy is or how he’s always showing him adorable selfies of them together but he’s actually really fucking jealous and envious of Xephos.

“Ooh! Sipsy, Xeph just asked me if I wanted to go to dinner with him tonight! how adorable is he?!”
“Wow, yeah. Silk shirt’s definitely a swoon ey.”
“Oh my god did I show you this picture he sent me?!”
“look at that face! This guy will kill me with his cuteness Sips, rip in peace me~”
“Good - hopefully then I wont have to listen to your dumb ass babble on about cheesy shit”
“wha- Sips! Dont be so homophobic jeez”
“Sjin I dont care if you like dick or whatever that doesnt change you from being a cringy bastard”

Sips wanting to reply with something like “yeah im totally homophobic Sjin even though ive shared a bed with you for fucking years and want to be with you so fucking bad”

He literally feels like bashing his head against the wall cause Sjin’s such a oblivious lil babby. His oblivious lill babby.