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  • Creative process or how people say - ‘how to draw a portrait’
  • Artwork
  • Hyper-realistic drawing
  • 40 hours of work
  • SRK

pslet’s call it a ‘tutorial’ XD but I’m a total loser when it comes to this stuff :/ but hope you like it :p


One year of inspiration, one year of dedication and one year of work.

10 ArtWorks of 50 completed in one year!

For my sketch book called “50 portraits of Shah Rukh Khan” that I want to present to Shah Rukh, as I complete all 50 of them.

Happy Birthday Shah Rukh! ;)

with love,

- Xeny

  • When passion becomes obsession. 
  • My new pencil drawing
  • Ispired by a recent movie trailer >> [FAN]
  • A bit surreal, but I don’t think I have to explain, right? ;)
  • As per usual : Pencils on bristop board (finally found this paper, gosh)
  • Hope you people like it, otherwise why are you still following me? lol

  • Original size is here, for those who like seein the details >> [here]

Don-the chase must continue (sketch series) p.2

“Don-The snake”

Don had a new nickname among the cartels—“Serpiente”. He thought it to be apt. Snakes are known for not only their deadly venom, but their cunning. Snakes are not rash, they are stealthy, calculating. Snakes are symbols of both desire and death. Don smiled. Desire. He leered at the woman in the doorway.

“Are you the one they call ‘Serpiente’?” she questioned, looking his lean form up and down, already knowing the answer.

“And you are—?”

He was known for his lust for women nearly as well as for his ruthlessness in business. If Don was the snake, she’d have to become the charmer, she thought to herself. If she played the game right, she’d be able to keep him hypnotized, to sway the outcome to her favor. She lied, “A gift…from Carlos. To celebrate your new business deal.”

Don crooked his fingers, motioning for her to come closer. She nervously closed the distance, looking him up and down. He was lean, but strong, suntanned skin glistening with perspiration. His hair long and wild, his close cropped beard accentuated the sharpness of his jaw. His clothes were designer, a contrast to his wild hair and gauge piercing. But it was his eyes she found to be the most unnerving…they pierced into her, making her insides flip-flop, her knees weaken. She found herself getting lost in them.

She didn’t know it yet, but she had made a fatal mistake. She failed to realize that Don was both the snake and the charmer, and she was merely being played like the pungi…

Writer: tiacapan-srk

Artist: xeny-art

PS: Artwork is intended as fan-art. The character belong to their rightful owners.

All rights reserved xeny-art 2014 Please Do not post without reference to the artist >> @xeny-art

Bigger file >> [here] <<


One year is coming to an end…summing up the whole year and the works that I’ve done, relized that Some people even like what I do :D can you believe it?
Wishing you all a good new creative year in advance, hoping to still “see” you on my page.
Thank you to those who still like what I do,


“ASOKA - two sides of the coin" 

Passion may envelope a prince in unconditional love, but hate makes the cruelty of a king know no bounds

Asoka, riding his white horse and brandishing his sword, narrates a story of love and war, a story of loyalty and betrayal…

But above all … Asoka retraces the long journey of a man to salvation… a journey on a path to redemption littered with blood and ravaged souls

Then cruelty becomes Devotion… and the man creates History!

Artist : Xeny Art

Writer : Mira Khan

Behind the scenes:

This is the first work that I did for my project - ” 50 characters of Shah Rukh Khan"

Fist character is Asoka.
This artwork is very special for me, as it is my favorite character. That’s why the approach is more spiritual, philosophical and surreal. I wanted to show in my work 2 sides of the Emperor. His pure, generous and innocent side, the side of a man, who was in love and in sorrow. And his dark side, the side of a man, who burned his heart with cruelty.
On the picture I tried to show that the real Asoka is pure and spiritual, but at the same time he wears a mantle of his cruel side, like a mask, like clothes he puts this cruelty on himself, till that moment when he saw what he’ve done. All the horror of war. Then took off the mantle to be a free man.

I hope I reached my goal and you’ll feel the same seeing this artwork.

Thank you,


PS: Thank you so much to my dear friend Mira Khan for writing a wonderful prose 
And thank you to my other friend Chris for helping with english.

  • My new artwork
  • Hyper-realistic pencil drawing
  • 40 hours of work in 2 weeks
  • Shah Rukh Khan’s portrait
  • Size: A3 / Pencils Koh-i-Noor / on HQ glossy photo paper
  • Open in a new tab for details

ps: I know you guys, some of you will say that he looks old and all that jazz, but just for you to know, it was my personal challenge to outdo myself as an artist and try and make a hyper-realistic portrait, so all the wrincles are the result of it. Will do a “process” post in 2 days…

Hope you like it ;)