Devdas-extinguished lamp

"In the flame of the lamp that you lit, it was I who burned…"

This is my second work that I did for my project - ” 50 characters of Shah Rukh Khan”

Second character is Devdas.

I dedicate this drawing to my dear friend Mira Khan, who is ill right now and she needs our prayers to get better. My heart is with you my dear…please be well :(


Just follow these easy steps steps to start your journey to becoming a Tru Blu Xeni!

Eyes are just ovals, muzzles are a C shape, don’t be afraid to just try line after line till it looks right (I still hit CTRL+Z more times during drawing than actually drawing lines)

Flip the perspective around, rotate the image so you can draw natural lines without mangling your hand posture.

Also, don’t be afraid to trace to practice! I did! (But don’t ever publish traces claiming it is yours, that’s bad ok?) Tracing others lines is a great way to start muscle memory and to train your eyes and hands to put things in the right position.

If you’re drawing digitally, use the tools you have. Stabilisers, line/shape tools, etc. They are there to be used.

Eyes are incredibly expressive, and I think they are very important to focus on. There are so many combinations of things you can change; using dilation of iris’s and pupils, eyelid position, and eyebrows, you can express just about anything.

I personally take inspiration from Florecentmoo (nsfw!) for eyes and expression; find inspiration anywhere you may, and start creating your own style. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

For JetN, and anyone else who finds this at all useful <3