Ugandan designer; Xenson Ssenkaaba’s Futuristic-Past fashion show last Wednesday at Serena hotel’s Victoria hall was the epitome of style in Uganda’s fashion industry (Pictured are some of the designs: Xenson’s triple dress and some reed dresses.)

Xenson is a Jack of all trades; he paints, raps, sprays walls with graffiti and designs clothes. He is also a poet, one who prefers to write in his native Luganda.

This diversity, or restlessness if you prefer, could easily be used to diagnose Xenson as a Jack of all trades, one who ends up so stretched that he never excels at any. But deriving such conclusions skirts his passionate dedication to art. After all, he quit an engineering degree and decided to study Fine Art instead, earning a first class degree.

Xenson said Futuristic Past, “Is a retrospective look of where we are coming from, where we are and where we are headed as humans.” His work at the exhibition, was structured to represent three eras; the past, the present and the future or, to fit it in the shows narrative, the futuristic past.